1. Frugal Dad62 Frugal Tips to Survive Another Recession – Great topic and well executed, can’t ask for much more then that.

2. Lazy Man and MoneyBit Coins: The Future of Money or the End of the World? – Wonderful and funny look at a topic we’ll likely be reading about a lot more in the future.  Beware the Bit Coins–just saying.

3. Million Dollar Journey What Do You Do At Night?  I Try to Make Money – As someone who makes an extra $300-$1,000 a month from freelance writing and whose hobby is making money on the internet (great to have a hobby that makes rather than spends money), I can totally relate to this awesome post by Evan of My Journey to Millions.  Keep up the awesome work, sir.

4. Yes, I am Cheap Do It Yourself Negotiation of Credit Card Debt? This is a topic that should be written about more often, and this post is a great primer.

5. Wealth InformaticsA Peek Into President Obama’s Finances – Man he makes a lot of money from book royalties.