This year is all about saving money every day while trying to increase your income potential. If you did one thing each day that could save as little as $5 over the course of a year, you could have an extra $1800 in your pocket at the end of the year. Not all of these tips may apply to you, so to keep it fair, not all of them will apply to me.

Since it’s the season for saps and romance, I figured I should bring some info to the table. I’m kidding a little bit. My five year anniversary with Mr. Modern Tightwad is the week after Valentine’s Day. We actually planned it that way to take advantage of all of the after-sales of romantic products.

One of the things I love most is flowers. I love it when he surprises me. The best place to get flowers is Costco and farmer’s markets. We get wildflowers at our local Milwaukie Farmer’s Market (can’t wait for it to come back in the spring). Costco is without a doubt the best place for roses, though. All of the flowers for our wedding table pieces were from Costco. All the flowers for my friend Tiffany’s wedding were from Costco as well.

For major events, getting flowers from these locations can save hundreds of dollars. For the day to day surprises, it can save you quite a bit over your local florist.

365 Days of Saving Money: $2205 Annually (Running Total)