Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t put my paycheck break down in a couple of weeks. As I wrote before I was doing a 30 day trial on being financially transparent. The 30 days are over and I genuinely feel that posting my weekly paycheck budget wasn’t too beneficial for me. I already keep a budget at home and making it public didn’t help me feel more accountable.


Photo Credit:  Jeff Keen

 What I do want to do is at the end of every month do a review of one area of my budget and try to adjust it accordingly. I think that would be helpful for me, as it keeps me aware of trimming the fat on one thing and the principles and tips learned would benefit readers.

 September’s area is gasoline. I’ll look at ways to minimize that on my budget.

Let me know what you think about this adjustment. Don’t forget you can always add my blog on your feed.