Retirement is just as personal as personal finance. Every person has a different plan and road map to get to that destination. Some folks are working their tails off now, 50, 60, 70 hour weeks to make as much money as they can so when they finally do retire, they can just do nothing all day. Personally, I’d prefer to enjoy now and tomorrow 🙂

But whether you can enjoy these now or have to wait a few years till retirement, these activities are worth doing sometime in your life.

Disney Anything!

Disney is a leader in entertainment for many reasons. The catchphrase, “I’m going to Disneyland!” has lived on so long because it’s actually one of the coolest places to be. But Disney has done far more than just Disneyland, which is updated regularly to be better and better. The Disney Cruise Line is one of the best especially if you do attend with children. The food is phenomenal and every ship comes staffed with Characters from all your favorite Disney movies. Even if you’re not a fan of Disney, a Cruise is still one of the funnest ways to get away. 

Travel Abroad

Traveling to another country at some point in your life will change the way you see the world and I’ve rarely heard of it changing your life in a negative way. But don’t just take the tourist route, actually get out there and live like the locals do. See the world from some else’s perspective. Enjoy the things they enjoy, the foods they eat and the activities they do every day. Most people regret not traveling more when they are unable to do so, so get out there now and see the world!


When you retire, you’ll most likely find you have more time than you know what to do with especially if you follow the traditional route of working crazy hours when you’re younger. With retirement you’ll also have an abundance of life experiences. One great way to spend some retirement time is giving back in the form of service. Service may not sound like a ton of fun, but it sure can be and here’s how:

Help others in an area you’re knowledgeable of or passionate about. Find young people interested in what you did your entire life and mentor them. Share your mistakes and help others learn from your life. Get involved in communities you want to see flourish and make that happen.

Life is too short to not enjoy every minute that you have.

One tip to having your cake and eating it too is, make sure your retirement funds are well tracked and paying what they should. What I mean by that is, get organize with your retirement planning. If you’re disorganized over the course of your life, with your retirement planning and accounts, you may be forgetting about money that could be funding your retirement adventures. Suncorp can help find lost superannuation.

What do you plan to do when you retire?

Jesse Michelsen

Jesse Michelsen