What can I do? The answer I noticed that is common is that you have to try to adjust your lifestyle and consume fewer resources. It is also important for you to encourage others to do the same. Recycling, carpooling, composting, reduce your garbage output, and switching to more green products in your home are just a few ways you can help out. I found two resources that can help out.

Treehugger has numerous guides on how to ‘green’ your life up. It includes varied from recycling, water electricity, pet care, weddings, and much more.

Make Me Sustainable has made it easy too with instructional information on people and businesses can become sustainable.

What do you think is the biggest cause of depletion to our resources?

  • Overpopulation
  • Epidemic of obesity
  • Agricultural practices
  • Technological/ Industrial development

Here’s a mini-roundup of blogs who participated in Blog Action Day.