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Imagine a new, crisp, hot-off-the-printing-press $100 bill in your hand. Pretend for a moment that someone gives you one of these bills one time per month. What would you do with it? While it may not seem like much, there are probably more ways than you thought possible for that $100 dollars a month to change your life.

1.       If the $100 was invested every month at 8%, then by the wonders of compound interest, in 35 years you would have $230,917.

2.       You could take a class that would teach you a skill that could then be used to start a business, resulting in much more than the $100 a month.

3.        Debt could be paid off sooner, thus eliminating costly interest payments and freeing up more money for investment.

4.        Donation to a reputable charity each month could possibly help change the world

5.       Use it for a date night once or twice a month with your spouse…because nobody's happy when your spouse is unhappy.

6.       Use it to do something fun with your kids a couple times a month and bond in the process.

What else could you do with just $100 a month?


Jake Evans

Jake Evans