When times are rough, many people turn to their items and possessions to see what they can make money off of by selling. One place people go is to the pawn shop, either to pawn their belongings, in hopes of buying it back one day, or to completely sell the products for more money. Sellers understand that they won’t get the maximum price for their products from a pawn shop, since the shop’s goal is to ultimately sell the product to someone else. Shows like Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn have shed some light on how pawn shops operate and things they take. If you’re looking to try your luck, here are 10 things that people pawn:

  1. Electronics: Technology and gadgets are big hits at pawn shops. Newer models are usually sold quickly, for those looking for the object at a discount price. Classics that may be discontinued can be a collector’s dream, and may yield a nice seller value. You can pawn your computer, printer, MP3 player, video game console, television, phones, and more.
  2. Jewelry: This is an obvious choice for many people looking to make some quick money. Old jewelry lying around the house is usually the first thing to go to a pawn shop. Gold’s value is at an all time high per ounce, so gather your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Had a broken engagement or a divorce? Wedding bands and engagement rings are big hits at the pawn shop. Precious jewels will also get you top dollar.
  3. Musical Instruments: Although it might seem odd, musical instruments are often found in pawn shops. Drums and guitars are of course popular items, but you can also find trumpets, flutes, violins, and tubas at your local pawn shop. Most of them are in pretty good condition too.
  4. Power Tools: Many mechanics go to the local pawn shop to find a decent set of power tools. Your much needed drills, hammers, saws will be available, and even manual tools like screwdrivers, nutdrivers and wrenches are sold to pawn shops.
  5. Sports Equipment: Athletic teams and leagues can find great sporting equipment at a pawn shop. People sell their cardio machines like treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes for good money. You can also find machines that pass footballs and spew out baseballs for practice. Those who have organizers and storage lockers can also pawn or sell them in the shop.
  6. Home Appliances: When people are selling things to the pawn shop, home appliances are a big hit as well. If you’re moving, you can sell your refrigerator, dish washer, washer and dryer combos, and ovens, or smaller appliances like blenders, toasters, waffle irons, free standing mixers and top burners.
  7. Toys: Pawn shops always accept toys, especially if they’re collector’s items. Your old Barbies and Hot Wheels don’t have to collect dust; they may be a gold mine! If you have old toys that were popular decades ago, check with your pawn shop to see if they’re of collecting value, especially if they’re still in working condition. You may surprise yourself.
  8. Motor Vehicles: I’ve seen many classic cars go for big bucks on Hardcore Pawn and Pawn Stars. Race cars with original engines are huge hits, but it’s not just cars that sell. You can pawn your boat, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle. Even if things need to be restored, you may be able to get a few thousand dollars from the car in your garage that you deemed as junk.
  9. Coins: Not just your average penny or quarter, but old, rare coins are good things to pawn. If you have rare currency from other countries, pawn shops will be more than happy to strike a deal with you, as coin collectors come in often.
  10. Autographed Memorabilia: And finally, autographed memorabilia easily sales at pawn shops, as long as the signature is authentic. You may not be able to get as much if the signature was personalized, but if you have autographed pictures, or other merchandise, you can get a nice deal in return.
If you have some of these things laying around, collecting dust, and you need some extra cash, you should check out a pawn shop and see how much you can get for it. Remember to do your research and don’t expect the top price, as they have to make a living selling the items to others.


Briana Myricks is a 20 something freelance writer and blogger. Striving for financial independence as a newlywed, she blogs about young married life at 20 and Engaged.