Everyone says that you have to work hard. That’s true. There aren’t many substitutes for hard work. However, who says we can’t take shortcuts once in a while?

I want you to feel amazing. I want you to be on top of the world.

Lately I’ve been working on my new site, Kettlebell Rebels and have fitness on my mind. This is why you might see the occasional fitness article go live on here.

We don’t always have time. We can’t always do everything right. This is why we need a few shortcuts sometimes.

Let’s look at 10 shortcuts for always feeling damn amazing.

1. Drink lots of water.

We need water to stay hydrated. When we’re hydrated we feel pretty great. So why not drink more water? I personally try to drink as much water as possible. I usually start my day off by chugging a bottle of water and I don’t stop throughout the day. This really helps with my mood.

2. Eat lots of protein.

You likely aren’t eating enough protein. This doesn’t mean that you ened to buy tubs of protein powder and load up like a bodybuilder. You just need to find ways to add protein to your life. You can start off cheap with tuna and egg whites.

3. Avoid the sugar.

Sugar is useless and does nothing for you. It leads to a crash. Why not avoid the sugar and that crash altogether? You don’t need it!

4. Bust out some pushups.

You waiting for the microwave? You in between commercials? Drop down and bust out as many pushups as you can. You don’t have to hit the gym every single day to get in shape. You can do something as simple as pushups when you’re bored.

What if you suck at pushups? Go for more every time. If you can only do 1 today, shoot for 2 next week. Keep on going!

5. Go for a walk.

With the summer going, it’s the perfect time to walk more. I personally try to park as far away as possible. I enjoy walks around town or walking in general. Grab your music, load it up with something that you like, and go for a stroll.

Sometimes after a night of drinking, I prefer to walk home. You can clear your head and get some exercise in.

6. Drink black coffee.

I love coffee. The problem with coffee is the cream and sugar. Cut it out and drink black coffee. It’s great for suppressing your appetite and giving you a little boost in the morning.

7. Watching something funny.

The other day I was watching conspiracy theories and random crap. Then I noticed my mood go down. I was sad and frustrated. Screw that! I closed the window and started watching funny videos on YouTube to get my mood back on track. I watched those Do You Even Lift Bro videos and I was cracking up feeling great again.

Don’t be sad and frustrated at the world! Watch something funny. Cheer up. It’s all good!

8. Plan a fun night.

Do you have anything exciting coming up? Why not? Contact some buddies and plan a night out. Have something to look forward to. This will make an otherwise boring week go by a lot faster.

9. Sleep in.

Sleep is amazing for your mood. Don’t walk around like a zombie. Stop chugging energy drinks. Sleep in once in a while. Get your rest. You’ll be rejuvenated and ready to go.

10. Set a goal.

Do you have any goals? I find that physical challenges are great. Goals give you something to shoot for. Without goals, you’re just living without purpose. What goal will you go after?

Martin Dasko
Martin Dasko