A few years ago, I wondered in which field I should study since I wanted to have a good job… and a safe job ;-). Choosing your career at the age of 20 is not an easy thing. You have a few interests but you haven’t discovered yourself yet. Personally, I knew I was good with numbers and that I liked talking to people. This is why I went into the world of finance.

I have looked into the topic and will share my thoughts about what will be promising sectors for the next decade. Which jobs will be paid well by employers for the next 10 years? Here are my top ten picks (in no particular order) of the best sectors and you can see programs here that can help you get into the fields:

#1 IP Phone technology

This is a fast growing market and businesses will need qualified technicians to design, install and troubleshoot solutions using this technology. Communications has been a key factor for many industries so IP phones will definitely be a hot market for jobs in the next 10 years.

#2 Financial Planning

All right, I must admit that I am a financial planner myself. However, with the recent economic crunch, financial planners are one of the most useful people you may know if you want to retire. They can help you establish an investment strategy and they can help you build a plan in order to retire with enough money.

#3 Biotechnology

Biotechnology has been and will continue to be an important part of our future for many decades. We will need a lot of innovation to overcome several health issues seen in society right now.

#4 Ecommerce

Making money off the internet? This is the future my friend! I am already making a few good bucks online and I think that there is a lot more to do in this field. All you need is inspiration and it doesn’t cost much to buy great domain names!


#5 Environment

Environmental protection has been a very popular topic for at least the past 5 years. We are more concerned about the health of our planet, which is a pretty good thing! My guess is that environmental consultants will be a good job for the upcoming years.

#6 Interactive entertainment

People want to interact with others but are too busy to schedule it. This is why online gaming exists! Nothing is easier than arriving home, turning on your computer (or Xbox) to go online and play with others. No scheduling, no late friends to deal with, there’s always someone somewhere to play with you.

#7 Estate planning

Believe it or not, sooner or later baby boomers will pass away. While they occupied a huge place in the employment market and they have changed the way we see the world today, they will also occupy a huge place in terms of estate planning and the transfer of wealth from one generation to another. This is when estate planning professionals and financial planners will come into play to support families and manage this money properly.

#8 Search Engine Tool

If Ecommerce will be the next way to make a lot of money, search engine tools will definitely be their bus pass to success. This is how Google, Microsoft and Yahoo plan to take over the net and provide powerful search engine tool. Working for a search engine optimization company will be pretty rewarding in the upcoming years…

#9 Infrastructures

Roads, bridges, highways… everything is falling apart! The construction industry will surely be a big actor of the 2010s economy. Governments need to invest a lot of money to keep their infrastructure up and running and this is something that will last for several years.


#10 Real Estate

Now that we are slowly emerging from the real estate meltdown in the States, several great deals are appearing at the same time. While most of us are too afraid to buy properties right now, a few smart investors will benefit from this one with a lifetime opportunity to grow their real estate empire…

Any thoughts?

Do you think I have forgotten some great job opportunities for the next decade? What is your favorite sector to get a job?

Author: Mike.

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Mike, aka The Dividend Guy, authors The Dividend Guy Blog since 2010 and manages portfolios at Dividend Stocks Rock. He is a passionate investor.