Greetings fellas! Christmas season is coming up and I am sure you will be looking for some great gift ideas for your lovely your wife or girlfriend.

Every year I get “stuck” asking myself: “What should I get? How much is good to spend? Will she like it?

Does this ever happen to you? It can really can get a bit complicated doesn’t it?

Well this year, like every other year and like you are doing right now, I took to the internet for some inspiration and I found a fabulous list from Esquire. Now I know females like Esquire so I’m guessing the “experts” there know what they’re saying.

There are some nice items that I know she would like but unfortunately, some are out of my budget!

Oh and by the way, You think you got it bad? My girlfriend has her birthday on the 23rd of December so I REALLY have to dish out some green every year! LOL *sigh*

Hopefully with this list you’ll be able to pick up a fantastic, not-so-expensive gift that “experts” think she’ll like. At least that’s what I’m hoping for anyways! 🙂

Here is what I came up with…

10 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Wife Under $50

A Jewellery Box – $17.14

Maybe some Earrings? – $29.99 + FREE SHIPPING

How about A MakeUp Set? – $34.95 + FREE SHIPPING

Maybe a Scarf & Beanie Set to keep her warm? – $21.99 + FREE SHIPPING

 Every woman must love a Candle Set – $15.22 + FREE SHIPPING

Is she needing a cover case for her Smartphone / Tablet? – $12.99 + FREE SHIPPING

A Sexy Perfume you too will enjoy 😉 – $46.54 + FREE SHIPPING

A Robe For Lounging – $19.95

Has she ever hinted that she wants a Wrist Watch? – $31.95

How about playing it safe and going for an Amazon Gift Card? – $50


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Chris Lee Vella

Chris Lee Vella

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