It’s been a busy weekend and I had to catch up on some things. I’m back and I decided to finish my to do list from long ago, which included looking up 0% interest (on balance transfers) credit cards.

A lower interest rate will help you save a little money. These no interest cards are for a limited time.  If you decide to use these, use them wisely.

Be aggressive in paying down your credit cards. The 0% interest is for balance transfers (except the last one which is f purchases ad balance transfers). Please use the card just for the balance transfers. Don’t make purchases, they are listed to help your debt payments go towards the principal.

This may seem odd, but if you don’t have a huge amount of debt, you may be better off by just aggressively paying off your debt on your current card.

Changing your behavior with credit cards isn’t going to be fixed with a low or no interest credit card. It’s just a way to stop some hemorrhaging of money.

Update: Jan. 8,2008 – The following cards have been discontinued: 


  • Advanta Platinum BusinessCard with Rewards
  • The Kiva BusinessCard
  • Advanta Platinum with Rewards Customized BusinessCard



Advanta Platinum BusinessCard

Advanta Platinum BusinessCard

0% APR for 12 Months for Balance Transfers & Purchases