Win $500! Share Your Best Money Saving Tip

We all would like to know how to save more money and improve our balance sheet  and hopefully one day reach financial freedom. As always we would love to help you get there and today we have partnered up with Life Insurance Finder to help one lucky winner add $500 to their bank account and get closer to financial freedom! Entering is simple and you can get as many as 10 entries! All you have to do is share your best money saving tip in the comments, for more options see below.

To get things going I’ll start with my Top 5 Money Saving Tips!

1.) Cut cable. We haven’t had cable for over 3 years! I really don’t see why people still want cable. Most networks allow you to watch shows online at your convenience, with only 1 to 2 commercials. There are also other alternatives such as Netflix and Hulu. Savings: About $500/year.

2.) Search for discount codes online. Anytime I make an online purchase I make sure I search for a discount/promo code. I can’t tell you how many times I have found codes to save 10%-50% on my purchases. Just type “discount code for _____” and 80% of time you will will find something. Or just search sites like RetailMeNot for discounts. Savings: About $200/year.

3.) Use cash back credit card. We have been using a cash back credit card for the past 4 years and almost every year we get back about $500-$600. Sure there are some dangers with using credit cards, but if you are disciplined enough maximizing credit card rewards can add  a few hundred a year to your bank account. Savings: About $500/year.

4.) Use eBay. eBay has been a great money saver for me. It took me sometime to get used to it and it saved me a few hundred dollars last year. My most recent purchase was a case for my iPad. I paid $35 for a case that retailed $60 in the mall. Savings: About $200/year.

5.) Get rid of landline. I haven’t had a landline since 2007. Although there maybe a few reasons to keep your landline, most of us can do without it. Savings: $400/year.

Just these 5 simple things save us around $1800/year…good enough for a week vacation!

Now your turn!

Entering is simple and you can get as many as 10 entries! You don’t have to do them all, but the more you do the better your chances. Ok here we go:

1)  Tell us your best money saving tips for 2012 (1 entry).

2)  Follow @moneyhighway and @lifeinsurancef and TWEET about our Best Money Saving Tips giveaway! Just copy and send the following (2 entry).

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4.)  BLOG about this Giveaway!  Post your best money saving tips for 2012 on your site  – either in text, or in pictures  and then make sure to mention you’re trying to win “the $500 Financial Highway giveaway, sponsored by Life Insurance Finder – the easiest place to compare life insurance quotes. (5 entries)

Simple! Contest is open to anyone. You’ll need a Paypal account to receive the money. You will have 3 weeks till Thursday May 31st to enter and the winner will be announced on June 1st, we’ll pick a lucky winner via

[UPDATE]: The contest is now closed! Winner will be announced tomorrow! Thanks you for your great entries!

Good luck!

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    I love kijiji . We sell all of our unwanted items there. Anything we have grown out of or can’t use anymore goes on kijiji.
    If you are on facebook. Follow your favorite brands, they often put out coupons, especially FREE PRODUCT COUPONS to their fans on facebook.
    Plan your route! Now more than ever with Gas prices at an all time high we need to plan our route when we go out to take the best possible route to places to save gas.
    Follow money saving blogs or facebook pages, it helps – trust me :)

    Examine your spending habits with wants and needs – this is actually harder than it sounds, someone told me once to wait 30 days before making any BIG purchase, like if you are out and want to buy a beautiful new dining room table (that you just “can’t live without” , go home and think about it for 30 days. Wow, 30 days is a long time right? That is one heck of a DELAYED GRATIFICATION TIME!! It sounds crazy but honestly IT WORKS!! , if I go home and think about it, usually in 2 weeks I have forgotten all about that table that I “just couldn’t live without” and the money is still in the bank :)

    I , in general, had poor saving habits growing up but a few years ago decided I really needed to think about changing my habits and my future. I realized that I didn’t know a lot about actually saving money, but I knew a lot about spending it! If I had one major tip for 2012 I guess I would tell people, EDUCATE YOURSELF on money saving. Once you start to read about the ways you can save money in your life , you become empowered to change little things in your life to save money, suddenly you start seeing effective ways to save money at every turn and since every penny counts , you really start to see those pennies add up .

  2. Carlos says

    Do the car maintenance in US dealer. On my Mercedes saved $700 last time! Also car parts and tires are a lot cheaper.

  3. Simon says

    Entering contests like these is actually a great tip to save money! Many people don’t bother taking the minute or two to fill in a ballot. You never know, you just might win! You can enter smaller contests for things such as movie passes that have great odds of winning. This way you save money on entertainment. Movie passes are expensive these days! There are also many contests out there for gift cards. Big or small, it’s a few minutes well spent that can save you as little as $13 on a movie or $2000 on a trip (if you get really lucky). :)

    I followed and tweeted from @choonkitng
    Liked on Facebook from Simon Nomis

  4. Tina D. says

    My best way of saving money is with! It takes little to no time out of your day because you use their search engine as your everyday search engine and you randomly win points. There are other ways to collect points too like finding codes, watching videos, doing polls, etc. You trade these points for prizes (which includes gift cards and Paypal money!) My boyfriend and I earn over $500 in gift cards together each year and do all of our Christmas shopping on Amazon!

    If you’re interested in giving it a try, go sign up at

  5. Tina D. says

    Also followed and Tweeted: @emilovadragneva



  7. Ashley says

    My best money savings tip for 2012 is always buy on sale!

    I followed/tweeted from @alohaitsaj and followed/shared on Facebook as Ashley Jacobs.

  8. hminnesota says

    Control impulse buys for the entire family. I actually have changed DH in this aspect:). Yesterday we went to buy a digital bookmark for my 7 yr old and at B&N she actually said, mom , we should buy this from Amazon:).

  9. hminnesota says


  10. hminnesota says

    twitter follower of both accounts:hminnesota

  11. Alex says

    Never finance anything that depreciates – This includes Auto Purchases and Leases

    The last autos I’ve purchased have been:
    Ford F-150, $3000.00 at auction,
    Pontiac Aztek, $2500.00 private seller,
    Ford Ranger, $50.00 (!) private seller,
    Chevy truck $300.00 at auction.

    Don’t be misled by “cost of ownership” arguments. As a self employed consultant I track all my costs for accounting/tax purposes. For example; since purchasing the F-150 in 2005 I’ve had $6643.00 in maintenance and repair costs (Average monthly maintenance cost $81.36). Including the initial cost that works out to $123.00 per month. Compare that to your monthly payment even if you’re paying on an econobox! Bonus – I own the vehicles! In bad times I’ll never have to worry about missed payments leading to “missing vehicles,” nor do I have to “turn in” my vehicles after already overpaying for the first increments of their life cycle.

    I estimate I’ve saved over $27,000 in auto payments on this vehicle alone.

  12. says

    Here are my entries:

    1) Tell us your best money saving tips for 2012 (1 entry).

    Never pay retail. I have found great deals at Yard Sales, Goodwill, Dollar Stores, Membership Clubs, and with Coupons (including coupon codes.) I can’t put a dollar amount on it, but be committed to buying wholesale instead of paying retail and you will see a big difference in your budget. And you can parlay that savings into short term saving, long term savings, retirement fund, or a vacation fund.

    2) Follow @moneyhighway and @lifeinsurancef and TWEET about our Best Money Saving Tips giveaway! Just copy and send the following (2 entry).

    DONE –!/FiscallySound/status/201064002204344320

    3.) Like Financial Highway on Facebook and share this contest. (2 entries).

    DONE – personal (private) and Business (per blog post below)

    4.) BLOG about this Giveaway! Post your best money saving tips for 2012 on your site – either in text, or in pictures and then make sure to mention you’re trying to win “the $500 Financial Highway giveaway, sponsored by Life Insurance Finder – the easiest place to compare life insurance quotes. (5 entries)

    DONE –


  13. Margaret Smith says

    We use a charge card that gives money back and pay it off monthly. We also make sure to write down all our purchases so we’re not surprised by the bill. This way we also keep control on what we spend.

  14. Margaret Smith says

    Liked on FB (Margaret E. Smith) and shared.

  15. Ann Fantom says

    I do price comparisons online using eBay, Amazon, Froogle and other price comparison websites.

  16. Cynthia C says

    My tip is to use cash to shop. I set a monthly limit and only carry that much. It really forces you to consider and reconsider each purchase because you know when it’s gone, it’s gone. Impulse purchases virtually disappear.

  17. Joanne Schultz says

    Pay yourself first. Have 10% or however much you can manage be automatically direct deposited into an account where it will be saved. It is important to have an emergency fund. If you think you have less money, you will usually spend less.

  18. nickie says

    We don’t have cable instead we have netflix and its WAY cheaper.


  19. Wendy Arnott says

    Eat at home! 50$ can go a ways in the freezer, and by making spagetti sauce and chili and freezing them in individual size servings I can do dinner in a hurry when I don’t feel like cooking a full meal. Saves money for take-out and eating convenience foods loaded with fat and sodium.

  20. mark c says

    i simply give myself less to spend, when i do spend i shop for the best deals.

  21. Christy says

    I have part of my paycheck automatically deposited to a savings account at a different bank than my checking account. Makes it harder to access my money so I save more of it.

  22. richelle bowers says

    When grocery shopping i keep track of cost but always round up to the nearest dollar. That way I know what i’m spending

  23. says

    My best tip to saving money is making a list before I go to the grocery store.

  24. Betty Baez says

    My best money saving tip for this year is making a list before trips to the grocery store and sticking to it, I’ve noticed I’ve saved a lot more than numerous trips to the store because I had forgotten something or because. Grabbed way more things than what I had planned

  25. Cujo says

    My best tip to save money is to set a budget and keep to it.

  26. Barb says

    Use Craigslist free section and freecycle. I am usually able to find 50% of the stuff I want for free.

    For example I really wanted a 5 gallon bucket, but didnt want to spend the $4 at the big box store. I placed a wanted add on freecycle and within a week a had a 5 gallon bucket that didn’t cost me anything and I picked one (there were a few who emailed me) that was on my commute home from work.

  27. Susan Smith says

    We save money when we eat out by going to restuarants that have kids eat free nights, we only drink water, use BOGO coupons and split meals which not only saves money but saves calories too.

  28. Mechele Johnson says

    We switched to cloth diapers and wipes as well as cloth “paper Towels” saving us $100′s of dollars. We also learned the art of couponing which has saved us at least a couple thousand! We then sold our $350 a month car, paid it off, and bought a used car with cash from money we have saved and now have no car payment! Woohoo!

  29. Mechele Johnson says

    I liked and shared on Facebook as Mechele JOhnson.
    Entry #1

  30. Mechele Johnson says

    I liked and shared on Facebook as Mechele JOhnson.


  31. Jeannette Laframboise says

    This may sound odd but I enter contests…a lot! Some things I love and keep for myself, others, I put on a site to sell. I actually made just over half of what my actual work salary is in selling things I won that didn’t cost me a cent. The only downfall is that entering requires a fair bit of time, however the more you do it the faster you get by knowing where to go and how to do it quickly as well as knowing which ones to spend your time on. Further to this, we save on a vacation each year that would easily be $4000 to $5000 dollars just by winning it. Frankly, I don’t think we could afford to vacation but when it’s free it is oh so sweet! When I started ‘contesting’ I was absolutely amazed at how many contests are out there. I bet I don’t even touch 50% of them there are oh so many. There are plenty out there for all to share and win! If you have time to commit to it, it is certainly a great way to up your income.

  32. Tara says

    I set up a direct deposit from checking to savings each month. If I don’t see it, I can’t spend it!

  33. Kyl Neusch says

    use coupons

  34. Sandra says

    Making my own coffee to take for my trip to work in the morning has saved me both time and money.

  35. Amy says

    My best money saving tip is to eat out less. I find I spend SOOO much money eating out because I am too lazy to pick up some groceries and cook a simple meal. I know not everyone eats out a lot but for those who do, they should keep track of their food expenses for just one month and I’m certain they will be surprised at how much money they could be saving if they just decided to eat in rather than out more often.

  36. Amy says

    I am following from @ameecq

  37. Amy says

    Liked on Facebook. My name on Facebook is Choi Quen

  38. says

    Always ask for the discount. Most people don’t get one because they don’t ask.


  39. Tonya Dean says

    Don’t buy new. Yard sales and thrift stores usually have a great selection of item.


  40. lauren knott says

    We use cloth diapers and are phasing out paper towels.

  41. Anissa says

    We use the free site to help keep track of our spending and finances.

  42. Cujo says

    Cujo HMB shared on facebook -

    1-2 entries

  43. Cujo says

    Cujo HMB shared on facebook -

    2-2 entries

  44. Laurel Simmons says

    I used coupons. And I research store sales as much as possible before shopping. Including whether they will price match with other retailers.

  45. Laurel Simmons says

    I like Financial Highway on Facebook

  46. Monica Young says

    My best money saving tip is to buy a Sunday newspaper or two or three, and cut coupons. I save so much money and even get food and other household items for FREE just by using coupons. It does not take very much time or effort to cut them and organize them. I just use two regular organizers one for food, the other for non food I’m not one of those crazy coupon ladies but I do have a nice stockpile of non perishable food and toiletries that I either got for FREE or very little just for using coupons. I carry them with me even if I don’t plan on using them. I even print out the printable ones. Also, I only buy clothing items on sale, I don’t EVER pay full price for anything.

  47. Suzanne K says

    I only buy groceries on sale (except for milk), eat in season produce, grow lots in my own garden and put it up (canning, drying, jam, freezing, etc) and enjoy healthy, homegrown goodies year round. I also do swagbucks and get Amazon GC for treats/extras. I enter sweeps, especially for gift cards!

  48. JoDeen Wolff says

    The easiest way for me to save money is don’t buy on impulse.
    I shop around either online or by calling around for the best price.
    I also have found a local auction where I can buy nice household item, jewelry, furniture, just about anything for 1/4 of the cost.
    I also do not buy on credit.

  49. John Wolff says

    The easiest way for us to save money is to not let my wife spend it. LOL.
    We shop around for the best prices, use coupons, Groupons etc….
    We try to always start out with a Plan to succeed and not a plan to fail in our spending habits.
    Any home repair issues or remodeling we shop around for a good price. But do make sure you check references.
    We just purchased new wood laminate for our home.
    We shopped around and compared quality and prices.
    We saved more then 1/2 of what the name brand stores were charging to do the same project.
    We did not get in a hurry.
    We used cash.

  50. Ravzie says

    I use the library for books, audio books and dvds. That has to save hundreds a year!

  51. says

    My best money saving tip is similar to one of yours – you mentioned using coupon codes. My tip is to never pay full price for anything. Always search for discounts, coupon codes, or in a pinch just ask for a discount. We even asked for a discount recently on a hospital bill – and got it!

  52. says

    My wife and I ditched cable in Feb. and haven’t missed it! The extra $60 a month is nice though. :)

    I charge all of my recurring expenses on my credit card, and collect cash back. Since those charges are bills I would pay anyway (car insurance, Internet provider, etc.. ) I don’t overspend, but I get rewarded all the same.

    Here’s my blog entry to the giveaway:

    Money Saving Tip of the Day – The Only Money Saving Tip You Need! (


  53. says

    Drink soda, wine, coffee, etc. at home, and water with lemon or lime out. Beverages add up quickly. It’s amazing how much you can save over the course of a year.

  54. Lindsay says

    Cloth-diapers my twins is going to save me a pantload in 2012!

  55. Fro says

    Sign up for daily deal websites but only buy what you NEED!!

  56. Teresa Moore says

    My best money saving tip is regularly check the clearance racks at stores you frequent for kid’s clothes. I just bought my daughter a bunch of $1 clearance clothes for next fall. I just bought them a size bigger. My daughter is well set for winter this year and we have not even started summer.

  57. Teresa Moore says

    1)I like Financial Highway on facebook.

  58. Teresa Moore says

    2) I like Financial Highway on facebook.

  59. says

    Stop eating out! That’s my #1 tip for saving money!

  60. April V. says

    1. Set your thermostat to a specific temp (higher during summer and lower during winter) and leave it there.
    2. Make dinner at home and make enough to freeze several portions.
    3. Use the frozen leftovers as lunches.
    4. Pay attention at the grocery store for when they get their meat deliveries – this will help you find when there will be a sale for meat that will expire soon. Buy in bulk and freeze in individual portions (if you need more than one it is still easy but ifyou only need one, much less difficult if they are all individually stored).
    5. Run your bigger appliances after 8pm or before 8am – dishwasher and clothes washer.
    6. Reuse everything as many times as possible – that pasta sauce jar will make a perfect holder for leftovers!
    7. Make your stops when more convenient – stop at the grocery on the way home from work to avoid a separate trip.

    I’ve got more but didn’t want to get too long-winded!

  61. Daniel M says

    cfl’s, programmable thermostat, short showers, if your leaving the room for any length of time shut it off!

  62. Deanna G. says

    My tip is related to your #3: Use a cash back site when you shop online! (Like Ebates.) I shop online all the time & the money adds up.

  63. Kathlean Owens says

    #1 planted veggies that we eat the most (that way we don’t waste money on buying something we don’t eat right away.
    #2 made our own window shades from recycled material (and our own topsy turvy)
    #3 we don’t eat out anymore.
    #4 we are using coupons now, and it’s paid off!!!

  64. Robin says

    I paid off my credit cards and now have no monthly payments

  65. Tamar says

    Set aside a little every single day, and don’t let any bills accumulate.

  66. Jimmy says

    Buy things when they are on sale and you have a coupon. That way, you get double the savings.

  67. clynsg says

    Whenever possible, I do any online shopping through Ebates–the rebates are not huge, but getting any percentage back is a help. Entering contests is a hobby that pays dividends–I don’t win large prizes, but it is amazing how the little ones can add up, not to mention that I often win things that I wouldn’t buy that are nice. Just recently, won 2 recycling containers and I now have one for me and one for my daughter!

  68. Sarah L says

    Stay out of stores unless you have a list and only get what’s on your list.
    Thanks for the contest.

  69. Kaylie says

    I think my best saving tip for 2012 is cooking at home :D

  70. Patrice says

    Best tip- Stay home more! We pay for so much entertainment around the house that it is a shame to go out often and pay even more.

  71. Lillea says

    When your water heater breaks down, replace it with a tankless one. More money up front, but apparently the savings over time make it worth it.

  72. Lynn says

    Use the money that you saved from clipping coupons, shopping Goodwill and resale stores, etc. to create a small savings account for future purchases or emergencies, like a car repair or something similar.

  73. Michelle S says

    Cook from scratch!

  74. Michelle S says

    I financial highway on fb

  75. Michelle S says

    I like financial highway on FB

  76. Ginger B. says

    I’ve been a subscriber of since 2006. It makes saving money at the grocery store easy peesy. They over free one month trial. If you are new to coupons I would buy Sunday paper and save the coupon insert for 2-4 weeks prior to starting free trial. That way you’ll have more coupons and be more successful.

  77. Susan C. says

    Before making a purchase of something I need (versus want), I check a gift card discounters site first like or (they discount anywhere from 1% to 35%) Then I use my credit card that gives me a cash back reward to purchase the gift card. Usually I can then make my purchase through (which gives me cash back and sometimes double the cash back) to log onto the retailer’s site (and of course I use a discount code and free shipping). {one entry}

  78. Greg says

    We installed energy saving curtains and blinds ; installed a water heater timer for peak usage as well as a water heater blanket ,. Also put timer on coffee pot (bunn ) and t.v.

  79. Sammi says

    out of sight, out of mind – save some money in an account you don’t check – it helps to save money when you forget the money is even there!

  80. Cynthia W says

    My best money saving tip is to save all change from trips to the grocery store, restaurants, etc. Then at the end of every week or month, wrap them and put them into a savings account. The money adds up quickly and it’s a painless way to save.

  81. Cynthia W says

    1 – I like Financial Highway on Facebook (Cynthia Andrea)

  82. Cynthia W says

    2 – I like Financial Highway on Facebook (Cynthia Andrea)

  83. says

    I normally save money by using coupon site like Retailmenot and Slickdeals and get extra cashback when I purchase through my Credit Card rewards’ points

  84. Amy says

    Save your receipts! I know it sounds crazy, but once you look over all the useless things you buy, it really shows just how much you can save. Also, eat out less.

  85. Amy says

    I like Financial Highway on facebook (Amy Lee)

  86. Bons says

    My best saving tips are to eat mostly at home and to look for deals online and in-stores before buying things (save any coupons you find, may come in handy).

  87. Walt says

    Plan your meal menu out based on what is on sale or in season and shop only once a week for groceries after sales flyers are posted or in paper.

  88. Burcu says

    Ride a bike instead of driving your car everywhere. Good for your wallet and body.

  89. Marlene V says

    Buy used items — most of the time people are selling practically new items on classified ads for much less then the price of a new product. This is a great way to be GREEN and save money:)


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