Weekly Round Up – October 23rd

Round Up

The federal government does not seem to be very happy with some who have been abusing the TFSA and is proposing some changes, this is one of the very few times I am on the fed’s side. Million Dollar Journey provides a summery of the proposed changes and I personally find them fair suggestion so far.

Learning about investing is an ongoing process, you learn as you go. You will make mistakes along the way but hopefully you learn from them and do not repeat the same mistakes. You can also learn from the mistake of others, The Dividend Guy is sharing 100 investment lessons he has learned so head over and learn from him (he is kinda good at it now).

Still unsure how to use the TFSA and stay within the guidelines? Tim Cestnick shares the right way to use the tax free savings account, follow his tips and you should be fine.

The United States has dominated the world economy for decades, but it seems like things are changing now. Brett Arends is wondering if Americans are ready for a post-American world? Ready or not here it comes!

You think it’s too early to think about retirement and plan for it? Well I shouldn’t have to tell you that every year you miss on investing/saving for retirement can have huge consequences on your future years. Evolution of Wealth says that missing 3 years of savings can cost you 20% of your portfolio….OUCH!


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    Thanks for the mention Ray. I think the biggest confusion about the new rules are the asset swaps, something I need to look into further.

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