Weekly Review-Long Weekend Edition

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Enjoy your long weekend and please be safe!

Long Weekend Readings

The Catch for a Half-Priced Luxury Rental? You Have to Fix the Place Up  @ MoneyLand

5 Questions to Ask before you Tie the Knot Again @ Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Forget About Black Swans, the One Floating Ahead is Neon  @ Jason Zweig, WSJ

Avoid These Warning Signs When Looking for a Financial Advisor @ Gen X Finance

What Happens If The Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised? @ Consumerism Commentary

Claymore’s CGL: When Buying Gold Isn’t Enough @ Canadian Couch Potato

37 Savings Changes You Can Make Today @ WiseBread

Do You Need an Emergency Fund? @ Oblivious Investor

How Leveraged ETFs Lose Money @ Michael James on Money

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