Weekly Review-ING $50 Bonus & Best of October

ING Direct has always been one of my favorite financial institutions, in fact I was a client between 1996-1999 when in lived in Holland. They offer free banking and better interest rates compared to the big 5 (both in their TFSA accounts and regular savings accounts), their customer service is outstanding, they have an excellent social media team across the country who are always ready to answer questions and share great information with their followers. On top of all of this they give you $25 when you open an account and deposite $100, BUT till December 31st they will double that and give you $50 for opening an account. That is $50 for just opening an account and depositing $100 in your savings account. Free banking, better savings rate, excellent customer service AND $50.

How to claim your $50? (Canada)

It’s simple, just copy the Orange Key (39597236S1):

1. Go toING Direct. Find the right account for your needs and at the end when asked for Orange Key just enter this number (39597236S1) .

2. Find the right account that fits your needs.

3. When asked for Orange Key just enter this number (39597236S1)

You will see $50 deposited in your account in a few days when they receive your check.

How to claim your $50? (USA)


2. Click on Apply now and open an account.

3. Open Electric Orange and make a total of 3 Card purchases or Person2Person Payments (or any combo of the two) within 45 days and your $50 will be automatically deposited in your account.
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