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Welcome to this weeks round up! There were tones of great articles online this week, here are a few I think you will enjoy and should read!

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Weekly Roundup

Million Dollar Journey takes a look at the Direxion Triple Leverage ETF’s

Jim @ Bargaineering provides a refreshes four financial rules of thumb

Bible Money Matters features a guest post on five things that do not affect your credit score

Four Pillars on Arguing with results

Canadian Capitalist discusses Why the middle class is feeling squeezed.

The Oblivious Investor provides some tips to avoid investing mistakes

Rob Carrick @ Globe & Mail shares readers money saving tips

My Life ROI provides five tips parents should consider when sending children to college.

Tim Cestnick @ Globe & Mail explains how getting married can affect your taxes a lot more than you think.

Free From Broke believes that Americans will spend less this holiday

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