1. Barb Mair says

    I have been using Turbo tax for over 5 years now. It is so easy to file taxes for myself and all my family members. My daughter is self employed and Turbo Tax makes filing her taxes a breeze. Highly recommend this product, it’s easy and fast – better than paying someone to do your taxes.

  2. Elias Soprano says

    H&R Block and other tax services charge too much for what you get back. With TurboTax I get more back! I always have questions when filing my taxes but with TurboTax’s Live Community I can get answers live from tax experts and fellow TurboTax customers.

    Thanks TurboTax for making filing taxes a breeze!

  3. sheila chadman says

    I have used turbo tax in the past, I like that I can do it over a weekend while watching tv and not screw up too much. It double checks my work and since i do not have complicated taxes, it works out very well for me.

  4. D. Johnson says

    As yet I haven’t had the courage to try filing with a computer.

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