2 Responses to Shoeboxed Review-Tracking & Organizing Receipts Made Easy!

  1. I am so upset that I chose this company to keep my receipts. I was recently audited by the IRS, and had a terrible time getting the system to do a report and compilation of the relevant receipts, and then spent hours trying to the information sent to my email in a form that i could print to show the IRS. In fact, I finally had to call the company (whose mailbox is ALWAYS full, so you have to just catch them when they are in) and get them to run the report and sent it. Now, when my auditor has questions, the website is down and inaccessible, and I cannot answer any of her questions, which will cost me a fortune. It is a Friday, so there is no help line, and no way to get to my receipts. if you are just saving scraps of something for fun, use this service, but if you ever might need them, particularly in a hurry (like under two weeks), don’t use it. It has cost me everything.

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