Weekly Review-Welcome Globe and Mail Readers Edition

I would love to welcome Globe and Mail readers to Financial Highway, a blog that makes personal finance easy. My name is Ray, I’m the blogger here. If this is your first time visiting take a minute and get familiar with FH, you can find out more about me here. The Pay Yourself First article Rob has referred to is part of a Financial Planning series we are running I would highly encourage you all to sign up for FREE EMAIL delivery or RSS FEED to continue getting free updates, and if you have a twitter account you can follow us on twitter.

Here are some articles that may interest you:
Canadian Discount Brokerage Review
Investment Adviser’s Conflict of Interest; An Insider View
Understanding the Duties of a Financial Adviser
How to Find a Good Financial Adviser? Ask These Questions
If you are getting married or someone you know is check out these two:
Wedding Saving Tips
Honeymoon Planning Tips

I hope you will enjoy your stay at Financial Highway and return soon.

Weekly Blog Review

Canadian Tax Resource sheds some light on Top 5 mythes about income tax.

Jim @ Bargaineering shows how to hard reset your financial life

Jeff @ Consumerism Commentary posts on how to plan for unexpected expenses in your budget

Canadian Finance Blog shows how to build an emergency fund.

Frugal Dad has seven secret places to hide cash in your home.

My Life ROI shares with us his three most influential lessons from his childhood, feel free to share yours.

Canadian Capitalist has a great discussion going; Cash-for-Clunkers Program coming to Canada.

Million Dollar Journey features a guest post on money lessons learned from Monopoly.

Chaya Cooperberg @ Globe & Mail gives some spending tips for working parents

Peter @ Bible Money Matters explains how saving up and paying cash for things makes them more enjoyable.


Suburban Dollarhosts Carnival of Pecuniary Delights

The Personal Finance Playbook hosted Money Hacks Carnival

Darwin’s  Finance hosted Carnival of Personal Finance

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