Money Hacks Carnival 68- Stanley Cup Final Edition

Welcome to the 68th Edition of Money Hacks Carnival- Stanley Cup Finals Edition! Seems like the Stanley Cup final is coming down to one game, so thought we give it a Stanley cup theme (coincidently last time we hosted the Money Hacks Carnival we also had a sports theme).

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Let’s get back to this great carnival, I had the pleasure of reading nearly 100 great posts this week and I hope you enjoy them as well!


J. Savings presents 6 Fun & Free Summer Activities for Children (or Adults?) posted at Budgets are Sexy., saying, “For children AND adults later at night ;)”

Roshawn Watson presents ls Recession-Induced Frugality Sustainable? posted at Watson Inc, saying, “Well, the reset button has been pushed on our economy, and the America about to emerge may be decidedly more frugal”

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents Essential Money Tips for New Parents posted at Cash Money Life.

Len Penzo presents Personal Finance For Dummies: It’s as Easy as A-B-C posted at Len Penzo . Com, saying, “Well, it is if you have a crib sheet. ;-)”

The Dough Roller presents Is Budgeting Keeping You Poor? posted at The Dough Roller, saying, “Budgeting can be a big help in improving your finances. But if not done correctly, budgeting can also set you back. Check out these seven ways budgeting could be making you poor and how to fix them.”

Since 1942 there have been 14 game 7 in Stanley cup final. Detroit has been in 6 of them and has won 3 of them and lost 3 to Maple Leafs. Penguins have not been in Game 7 in finals during this period.


JorgeL presents How to Reduce Volatility in Your Long Term Investments posted at Independent Minded, saying, “A strategy for reducing the volatility in your long-term investments.”

Dividend Tree presents Higher Complexity or Risk Does Not Mean Higher Returns | Dividend Tree posted at Dividend Tree, saying, “Just because these stocks are dirt cheap, I would not initiate any new position in these three companies. They are dirt cheap for a reason. There are other better opportunities to go after and these three companies”

Bootstrap presents Lessons from an Index Fund posted at Bootstrap Investing, saying, “Given all the press about buy and hold being dead (which probably means it will be the best strategy going forward), I thought this would be an appropriate post.”

retirehappy presents No COLA Adjustment for Social Security in 2010 posted at My Retirement Blog.

sherin presents My Personal Biography of Investing – Part 1 posted at THE MONEY MANIAC, saying, “Personal biography explaining the self developed practices to valuate an investment”

Dividends4Life presents Buy-And-Hold Under Attack posted at Dividends Value, saying, “Have you ever noticed those that most vehemently attack a buy-and-hold strategy really don’t understand how buy-and-hold works? The confuse a buy-and-hold strategy with day-trading with a longer duration.”

Investing School presents Investor Mistakes – Constant Refresh posted at Investing School, saying, “Most of us love the real time information provided by our stock brokers but it really doesn’t help us much to look at it every day (or worst yet, several times a day). This article explains why.”

Neal Frankle presents Variable Annuities – Why They Stink & How To Get Out Now posted at Wealth Pilgrim: Money Management Advice, Financial Stess Management, Addiction Recovery Plan & Resources, saying, “Variable annuities are not good investments for a variety of reasons that most people don’t understand.”

Matt presents What is the Fear Trade? posted at Steadfast Finances.

Stanley Cup Fact: It takes 13 years to fill the ring of the Stanley Cup with names of winners, Once a bottom ring is full, another one of the same size is removed from the top of the base and retired at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

Stock Trading Brokers presents Zecco Discount Broker Review posted at Stock Trading Brokers, saying, “Zecco may suck with marketing and planning but they still offer one of the lowest commissions for trading stocks.”

Darwin presents Swine Flu Investment Ideas posted at Darwin’s Finance, saying, “This article highlights a whole array of investment strategies and companies for the bizarre new “swine flu trade” while cautioning investors to separate the fundamentals from the hype.”

ABC presents Transfer In Kind posted at ABCs of Investing, saying, “Learn about the “transfer in kind” option if you are transferring an investment account to save taxes and money.”

Bank Champ presents I Bond Fixed Rate Announcement (May – November 2009) posted at Bank Champ.

Manshu presents Gold ETF: iShares Comex Gold Trust (IAU) posted at OneMint.

Taking a Nap!
Taking a Nap!

Steve Patterson presents Chinese Internet Companies Climbing posted at – Steve Patterson, saying, “Some nice runners and catch on a dip and ride to new highs.”

George presents Ultimate 2009 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Guide posted at Fat Pitch Financials, saying, “Get all the news from this year’s 2009 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting. Read the words of wisdom Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger share with their shareholders.”

J. Savings presents Just call me Warren Buffett The 2nd in stock picking. posted at Budgets are Sexy., saying, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Except in this case, it’s “if you can’t beat the market yourself, copy those who can!” :)”

The Smarter Wallet presents Fibonacci Retracement: A Technical Stock Tool To Predict Market Direction posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Thanks!”

Jae Jun presents Stock Investments From Forbes 400 Best Big Companies posted at Old School Value, saying, “Stock investment ideas and fair value calculations from Forbes 400 platinum list.”

Michael presents Using CarFax to Weed Out Used Car Lemons posted at Vital Motion, saying, “The last thing you want to do is buy a rotten used car.”

Aussie Investor presents Buying International Shares posted at Australian Investing, saying, “Diversification is one of the cornerstones of a long term investment strategy. It reduces risk and can improve your overall returns. This article discusses why buying international shares may be a good strategy, as well as describing how you can gain exposure to this often overlooked asset class. Although written from an Australian investor’s perspective, the principles behind buying stock in overseas companies are universal.”

Megan presents Checking out my retirement accounts posted at Counting My Pennies.

Ryan Suenaga presents Down, but Not Out posted at Uncommon Cents.

TStrump presents Setting Up My Questrade Account posted at The Strump – Financial Blog, saying, “Finally set up my own investing account and it was relatively painless. Here’s what happened!”

valenzona presents Tips on How to To improve your blog ratings posted at Hopia Money Popcorn.

Raag Vamdatt presents Defined contribution and defined benefit pension schemes / plans :: :: Financial Planning demystified posted at

TStrump presents Exchange Traded Funds or Stocks? posted at The Strump – Financial Blog, saying, “When it comes to sector ETFs, is it better to buy the stocks directly yourself?”

Barry presents Is This Stock Market Rally For Real? | Jeflin’s Investment Blog posted at Jeflin’s Investment Blog.

ABC presents Stock Prices Do Not Represent Stock Value (or Company Value) posted at ABCs of Investing, saying, “A lower priced stock isn’t “cheap”.”

Dividends4Life presents All Investing Involves Risk posted at Dividends Value, saying, “If your goal is to accumulate wealth for a comfortable retirement, then there is no risk-free path. Throughout time every angle has been tried and failed. However, some approaches carry less risk than others. Let’s consider some of the popular paths.”

Praveen presents Sometimes You Bend Your Trading Rules… posted at My Simple Trading System, saying, “Taking an early profit when you do not feel comfortable in a volatile market.”

Zach Scheidt presents Renesola Breaks Out – Entire Sector Showing Life posted at ZachStocks, saying, “ReneSola Ltd. (SOL) has rallied sharply above the $5 mark. It looks like institutional investors are building positions. Multiple expansion coupled with earnings growth could propel the stock significantly higher.”

Investing School presents TradeKing vs Scottrade – Online Stock Trading Comparison posted at Investing School, saying, “Many people ask me whether Scottrade or TradeKing is better. Here’s a comparison for you.”

The Smarter Wallet presents Stock Mutual Funds: Building Your First Investment Portfolio posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Thanks!”

Pamela Grundy presents Raiding the Roth: Using a Roth IRA as Your Emergency Fund posted at Personal Finance Analyst.

Madison presents Readers Share Lending Club Returns posted at My Dollar Plan.

JJ presents Practicing Frugality with Finesse posted at Investing and your Future, saying, “Frugality is the blending together of quality without wastefulness to make the most delicious combination of consumption.”

As a player, Henri Richard has won the most Stanley Cups with 11

Frugality & Saving Money

Hank presents Top 10 Things That I Wish I Had Known When I Graduate College posted at Own The Dollar, saying, “I wish that I had known to start investing and budgeting my money right from the start after I graduated from college. Several personal finance bloggers give a list of what they wish they had known on graduation day.”

Heather Levin presents Grocery Store Tricks And How To Avoid Them posted at The Greenest Dollar, saying, “Learn the subtle tricks grocery stores use to part you from your money, and how to avoid them.”

Barry Wright III presents Wedding Dress Rentals posted at 3stylelife, saying, “Why you should seriously consider renting your wedding dress (or starting a wedding dress rental service).”

NtJS presents Bathroom Remodeling: 11 things to know before you begin posted at not the jet set, saying, “Frugal hacking is nearly an art form around here. Having finished this masterpiece of a bathroom, there’s a few things you should know before diving into this DIY project.”

Tristan presents Frugal Living Tips posted at Find Financial Freedom, saying, “A few easy tips to save on your monthly expenses without compromising on your monthly fun quota!”

Bank Champ presents Failed Banks Not Required to Honor CD Rates posted at Bank Champ.

Nui Loa presents 67 Cheap Date Ideas for the Recession-Era Romantic posted at Love Hacks.

Barry presents How To Have A Baby Amid A Recession? posted at Associate Money.

Cooupon Artist presents Why It is Worth My Time to Argue For My Coupons | posted at

Steve Faber presents Cheap Car Insurance for a Woman Driver posted at Cheap Car Insurance.

Pinyo presents How To Find The Best Online High Yield Savings Account posted at Moolanomy.

Michal presents Monster HDP 900G Blackout Power Center Surge Protector posted at Energy Saving Gadgets, saying, “Save money on your energy bill by cutting down your consumption with this surge protector from Monster.”

Momma presents 25 ways to save money and bargain shop posted at Engineer a debt free life.

d. ninja presents Get rid of that darn storage unit posted at Punch Debt In The Face, saying, “Do you have a storage unit? If you do maybe it’s time to give it up.”

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Quicken Personal Finance Software On Discount! Plus Free Shipping and Bonus Tools posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thanks!”

passive family income presents Money Saving Tips for Starting a New Vegetable Garden posted at Passive Family Income, saying, “Tips on starting a new vegetable garden that will save you money.”

Samuel Baron presents How To Maximize Sales On Your Site | Samuel Baron | posted at Samuel Baron |, saying, “Learn How To Maximize Sales On Your Site”

Heidi presents Little People Wealth: Stealing and Lying in the Name of Frugality – Thirteen Horrible Tips posted at Little People Wealth.

Bank Savings Review presents HSBC Direct Online Savings Account Review posted at Bank Savings Review, saying, “HSBC is one of the most well known bank in the world. In fact, they are the most admired bank. See what the online division is like.”

The Happy Rock presents Necessity vs Luxury: Research Shows That The Economy Shapes Our Perspective posted at The Happy Rock, saying, “By DD @ The Happy Rock”

Mike Pastore presents Web Site Review of | posted at Mikes

RC presents 20 Ways To Reduce Your Household Energy Use posted at Think Your Way to Wealth.

Super Saver presents A Secret to Saving for Retirement – Ask the Right Questions posted at My Wealth Builder.

Ed Biado presents Frugal shopping posted at Ed Biado at MST Life | Philippine Lifestyle News.

Lazy Man and Money presents Save Money with Yard Sales posted at Lazy Man and Money.

Chris presents Expenses that come with owning your first home posted at Home I Own.

Barry presents Successful Investing In Certificates of Deposit posted at Associate Money.

MoneyNing presents Coupon Tip – Making Sure It’s Always Available posted at Money Ning, saying, “Sometimes, a simple tip can really save you tons of money.”

Big Cajun Man presents 50% Off Meat? posted at Canadian Personal Finance Blog, saying, “Is 1/2 off meat a good thing?”

KCLau presents Why Robert T. Kiyosaki is a best-selling author? posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “Robert T. Kiyosaki is the best personal finance author I follow. I started reading his books back in 1999. Although some reviews you found written by readers on Amazon say that he keeps repeating most of the points, I still find them interesting every time. It works as a revision whenever he repeats.”

CJ presents How to Save Money on Food posted at Wise Money Matters.

Matt presents Emergency Fund Challenge 2009 posted at

ChristianPF presents Tips for 1st time home buyers posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, “These are some great tips for 1st time home buyers!”

So that is what the cup is used for, I alwasy wondered :)
So that is what the cup is used for, I alwasy wondered :)

Aryn presents Trade Your Expensive Hobbies for Cheap Ones posted at Sound Money Matters.

Ray presents Ally Bank Savings Account Review posted at Money Blue Book.

Brian McKay presents Are Some Bank CD Rates Risky? posted at, saying, “Believe it or not there is a fight brewing over CD Rates.”

Jeff – StretchyDollar presents Frugality Locality posted at StretchyDollar, saying, “Thanks!”

Curt presents Old Money Becomes Treasure as New Money Sources Have All But Dried Up posted at

JorgeL presents Financial Lessons From a 7 Year Old posted at Independent Minded, saying, “Nice story about the Financial lessons I learned from my 7 year old son over Memorial Day weekend.”

me in millions presents Old Clothes and Clutter and my Spending Philosophy posted at me in millions, saying, “This post is about how helping a friend pack made me think about my spending philosophy. Thanks for hosting!”


FMF presents How to Make Money by Becoming a Referee posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “A simple and fun way to earn some extra income.”

Online Dividends presents $75 Bank Bonus Deal at Bank of America posted at Blogging Banks.

Madison presents American Express $100 – $250 Gift Card posted at My Dollar Plan.

Philip presents Why I Want To Be A Supreme Court Justice posted at Weakonomics, saying, “Cushy job with good benefits? Why retire? I’d work forever.”

Debt & Credit

Isaac Yassar presents Fast Cash Loans: Fast Solution posted at Isaac Yassar’s Overture.

KCLau presents Do You Have a Wedding Debt? posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “Most couples want to begin their married life auspiciously and free from the problems. However, it is not uncommon to hear about married couples who go into debt just to get married. Article explores the reasons.”

Patricia Turner presents 50 Simple Techniques for Staying Fit While Stuck at Your Desk posted at Radiology Technician Schools.

jim presents Citi Forward Credit Card Review: Rewarding Responsibility posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Jeremy Simon presents Criminal Charges, Volume XXXVIII: More people you thought you could trust posted at

Raj Patel presents Credit Cards on the Agenda at Congress posted at DebtGoal.

freefrombroke presents Spending Exercise – Investment Or Expense posted at Free From Broke, saying, “Here’s a simple exercise that helps you look at what you are spending your money on and whether it helps you or not.”

Brian McKay presents Refinancing a Mortgage from an ARM to a Fixed Rate Mortgage posted at, saying, “Do you have an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) coming up? Now would be a good time to lock in a 30 year mortgage or 15 year mortgage at these historic low mortgage rates. Adjustable rate mortgages are also low these days but you run the risk of having to refinance again at a later date when rates might not be as low anymore.”

David presents Why low interest credit cards are not always the best option posted at Credit Card Offers IQ, saying, “Low interest credit cards seem like the best deal possible. But that’s not always so. This article describes when a higher interest rate card may be the best credit card offer for you.”

marjorie presents Credit Freeze: Stop Identity Thieves Cold posted at Wealth Junkies, saying, “Some people don’t rely on credit very heavily. They don’t often need to apply for a loan – like a mortgage or car loan. They don’t open new credit cards. If you fall into this category – even if you just don’t expect to need new credit any time soon – you can freeze your credit. A credit freeze simply means that no one can look at your credit history: no one can pre-qualify you for a credit card, no one can open up a credit card account in your name and so on. All of this adds up to the fact that it will be incredibly difficult for someone to steal your identity”

Mr Credit Card presents Credit Card Car Rental Rewards posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

Morgan presents Inch by Inch-How to Reach those Long Term Goals with Ease posted at The Debt Dance.

Credit Shout presents How Bi-Weekly Credit Card Payments Save You Money posted at CreditShout.

Four Pillars presents Is Dave Ramsey A “Financial Expert” posted at Quest For Four Pillars, saying, “A discussion of Dave Ramsey and his methods.”

Woman Tribune presents How Newlyweds Can Minimize Financial Stress posted at Woman Tribune.

YMR presents Rent-to-Own is a Bad Deal posted at Your Money Relationship, saying, “Every wonder how bad a deal rent-to-own is? Now you can find out!”

Debt Wizard presents The Best Credit Card Is A Check Card posted at Money Help, saying, “It is better to get used to using check cards than credit cards for your everyday spending.”

Tom Drake presents Use Your Credit Card To Protect Your Purchases | The Canadian Finance Blog posted at The Canadian Finance Blog, saying, “Worried about making a purchase online? What if an order never arrives? Or a company goes out of business?”

To have one’s name engraved on the Stanley Cup certain requirements must be met. A player must have at least 41 games played with the club or one game played in the Stanley Cup Finals. However, in 1994 a stipulation was added to allow a team to petition the Commissioner for permission to have players’ names put on the Cup if extenuating circumstances prevented them from being available to play.

Pinyo presents How To Improve Your FICO Credit Score posted at Moolanomy, saying, “Improving your credit score is easy. Here are a few tips to help you increase your credit score.”

Mr Credit Card presents WorldPoints Reward Program Review posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

Stingy Student presents More Cashback with ShopDiscover posted at Stingy Students.

Jim DeSantis presents Don’t Be A Sucker! Avoid These Debt Consolidation Scams! posted at Emotions and Credit at On Line Tribune, saying, “The web communications revolution has provided many unprecedented opportunities for commerce and, unfortunately, quite a few opportunities for swindlers to prey on the gullible. This is just as true for debt consolidation and scams to fix your credit score as for anything else. Here are some debt consolidation scams to stay away from.”


MoneyNing presents 20 Different Areas to Think About for a Cheaper Auto Insurance Policy posted at Money Ning, saying, “Insurance is something we usually forget, yet we pay quite a bit for it regularly. If you can spend a few minutes and save big, why not?”

Sun presents Life Insurance May Make Better Budget Sense Than You Think posted at The Sun’s Financial Diary.

Alex presents Best Auto Insurance Companies in the United States Top 10 posted at Home Life Weekly, saying, “As we all know auto insurance is something that we really all need, however the cheapest quote is not always the best auto insurance quote in the long term. Especially when you have to make a claim. Only when you have paid you insurance do these problems come to light. So here is a top 10 auto insurance companies which perform best overall”


Jeff Rose presents Surviving an IRS Audit – Tips for Small Businesses posted at Jeff Rose.


Writers Coin presents Turning Down a Promotion: A Baseball Lesson posted at The Writer’s Coin, saying, “Would you take your boss’s job? Here’s a baseball analogy that’ll get you thinking about whether or not a promotion is always a good thing or not.”

Ted presents College Advice: 100+ Tips for Survival posted at CampusGrotto.

Matt B presents Five Simple Ways to Help you Make it Through your Awful 9-5 posted at Financial Methods, saying, “Enjoy!”

nissim ziv presents How to Negotiate a Job Offer: Salary Negotiations tips posted at Job Interview Guide, saying, “A job interview has several aspects attached to it. One of the major aspects of a job interview is the job salary. With the changing times and attitudes, discussing job salaries are sometimes overlooked or even ignored. However, this is one of the biggest blunders that a person looking out for a job commits during the job interview. In fact, discussing the salary during an interview is quite complicated and intricate. This article suggests some salary negotiation tips before and after receiving the job offer.”

Overall, no one’s name appears on the Stanley Cup more than Jean Beliveau. He has 17: 10 as a player and 7 as management


Margaret Garcia presents 100 Best Financial Planning Blogs posted at Online MBA Guide : Top Online MBA Reviews.

C Richey presents Hope for Distressed Homeowers posted at News – Las Vegas Real Estate by Jacqulyn Richey, saying, “A look at the new Federal program designed to help homeowners reduce their mortgage to a more affordable level and avoid foreclosure.”

My Life ROI presents 6 Signs That the Recession is Ending posted at My Life ROI, Getting the Best Return On Life, saying, “6 Signs, anecdotal in nature, that the recession is ending. Don’t worry… no boring economic data here ;)”

Money Beagle presents Is Now The Time To Buy Rental Properties? posted at MoneyBeagle.

Miss M presents My Uncle Engages in Jingle Mail posted at M is for Money.


Joseph presents How To Save Money When Doing Laundry posted at How to save money.

Destroy Debt presents My Credit Limit Got Lowered Below My Outstanding Balance posted at Destroy Debt.

Verna Morris presents The Ultimate Guide to Leveraged ETFs: Their Uses, Their Risks, and More posted at ETFdb.

Debbie Foster presents Article Underground posted at Internet Income – The Journey. presents 10 Proven Ways to Make at Least 10K per Month posted at Home Business Views, saying, “This report capsulizes and outlines 10 proven ways for you to implement systems which will funnel cash right into the ol”

Dave presents Quick Tips Vol 6 posted at Cheapo Groovo.

Ben presents Credit Card Scammers posted at Money Smart Life.

asew presents Amazing Technologies Everyone Loves posted at IT Solutions, saying, “good”

Billeater presents You want Tips? You Can’t Handle These Tips! posted at Billeater.

Until this year’s series between Detroit and Pittsburgh, it had been 25 seasons since there was a rematch in the Stanley Cup finals (Edmonton vs. New York Islanders, 1984).

Debt Free Destiny presents Cut These 7 Things Out of Your Life Now and Save Big posted at Debt Free Destiny. presents Pump Up Your Rewards Programs posted at Credit Card Assist.

MatthewPaulson presents Money Merge Accounts: Are they Real and do they Work? posted at Fine-Tuned Finances.

nickel presents How to Negotiate and Lower Your Bills posted at

Jacques Groenewald presents Millionare Mindset- How to think like a millionare posted at Monkeyprofit, saying, “A guide to understanding how you should think if you wish to become a millionare and prosper in life”

Ruoall Chapman presents Cheap ways to make your own online beats posted at Make Online Beats, saying, “By far the cheapest way to make online beats”

kathryn presents Stimulus Plan Leads to Stimulus Scams posted at Out of Debt Christian, saying, “The Federal government is sending out warnings regarding stimulus scams. Here’s how they work: an email, online ad or website tells you you’re eligible to get economic stimulus money. Then they require you to submit a form in order to get it. They may ask for a small processing fee in order to get your money to you faster. Others may ask for personal information like bank account information so they can directly deposit your check. They will then take that information to wipe out your account or open fraudulent accounts.”

Diego Cervantes presents The Amero Currency: Myths, Facts and 25 Great Resources for Further Research posted at Bankling.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Doc Mockery posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Only if he knew what he was sitting in!

Only if he knew what he was sitting in!

Ross B presents My Journey to Payoff half a million in debt posted at MoneyStance – Money Making Opportunity Reviews, saying, “Alex and his family earn a decent living, but are drowning in over a half a million dollars in debt. Follow his every step as he tackles this amazing feat.”

Money Saving Advice presents Credit crunch means talking about money and the lack of it posted at Money Saving Tips, Consumer Finance, Expert, Advice and Help | Talk Money Blog, saying, “It’s not difficult to get involved with the debate about the credit crunch and the current national and global recession. Gordon Brown the Prime Minister is the ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer and he is well remembered for his continuous chanting of the word ‘prudent’ whenever he was delivering his budget speech. In fact some sad person would actually count how many times he said it while delivering his budget each year. He also regularly informed us he would steer Britain on a prudent course and would not allow ‘Boom and Bust’ on his watch. Well guess what we got a BIG BUST now!”

Lee McCoy presents Can Using Camtasia Videos Increase Your Affiliate Sales? posted at The Secret Affiliate Society.

Chris McClelland presents The Top Five Worst Things to Do When in Debt posted at Lucrative Investing.

Jack Schmidt presents 7 Keys to Financial Survival posted at SectorMatic Money Journal, saying, “Personal Finance – Everything for the Big Spender on a Budget. Now you can live like a fat cat, even if you’re on a money diet. Laugh all the way to the bank with Jack Schmidt and SectorMatic. It’s for you!” presents Credit Cards- One Size Does Not Fit All posted at Credit Card Assist.

apply4-credit presents Moving to a New Card – Here’s What to Do With The Old One posted at Apply4-Credit.

Leave Debt Behind presents How to Develope Budgeting for The Family Vacation posted at Leave Debt Behind.

Ben presents Summer Money: Graduations, Weddings, Investing posted at Money Smart Life.

Matthew Paulson presents How to Develop a Plan to Repay your Credit Card Debt posted at American Consumer News.

Debt Freedom Fighter presents Increase Your Savings with 5 Simple Tips posted at Discover Debt Freedom!.

Savings Toolbox presents Are you Saving For a Job Loss or Job Change? posted at Savings Toolbox.

Tushar Mathur presents Long Term Investing posted at Everything Finance, saying, “Investing has its own language and understanding it can make it easier to be a confident investor. Two common terms you hear when people talk about investing are “bid” and “ask.” Here’s an explanation of what they mean.”

Ace presents Internet Marketing for Beginners: Marketing On EBay posted at Internet Marketing Ace.

Britannica Blog presents NY Times: “Buy American” Is a Terrible Idea posted at Britannica Blog, saying, “”It’s not surprising that Democrats in Congress could not resist adding a “Buy American” provision to the fiscal stimulus bill earlier this year. It might seem sensible (or at least politically useful) to ensure that taxpayer dollars would be used exclusively to support American jobs.”

Alvina Lopez presents 100 Useful Research Tools for Amateur Economists posted at Rated Colleges.

Vicky presents Why the Rich Get Richer posted at Medan Kota.

Deposit Accounts presents Don’t Forget to Plan for Windfall Money posted at Deposit Accounts.

stephen todd presents Trading Stocks With A System posted at Buy Stocks.

Chance.pfsr presents GnuCash Review – GnuCash Personal Finance Software Reviews | Personal Finance Software Reviews posted at Personal Finance Software Reviews, saying, “An in depth review of the personal finance software GnuCash.”

Michael Gvirtzman presents Retirement Planning and Net Worth Calculation Tool posted at Mind Listings, saying, “You need to be aware of your future retirement income, and if it turns to be lower than your needs – make changes in your savings and investments plan. The article suggests a free set of retirement planning Excel tools.”

PT presents Top High-Yield Savings Accounts posted at Prime Time Money.

Rick Foreman presents Keeping Up On The Internet posted at Waiting for the Singularity.

SBL presents Retirement is more than a fat 401k plan posted at SaveBuyLive, saying, “Personal finance writers always talk about the importance of saving for retirement. And I couldn’t agree more. But retirement will radically change our lives. If we don’t recognize that fact and plan for it, we may wind up miserable despite all our hard work saving and investing.”

Ms. Smarty Pants presents Sell Your Used CDS to Second Spin For Extra Money posted at Ms. Smarty Pants Know It All, saying, “Second Spin and Amazon are two sources where you can turn your used music into cash.”

Kevin presents Negotiating Refinancing Closing Costs posted at No Debt Plan.

Matt B presents 3 Lessons to be Learned from Cars For a Grand posted at Financial Methods.

Online Dividends presents $100 Chase Business Checking Cash Bonus posted at Blogging Banks.

Baker presents Test Packing: Doing A Trial Run Before The Big Move posted at Man Vs. Debt, saying, “Running a test pack before you go on a trip can save you time, money, and energy. Quick, great hack!”

passive family income presents Green Business – A Passive Income Opportunity? posted at Passive Family Income, saying, “Can green business be profitable and be turned into a passive income stream?”

PT presents 10 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Money posted at Prime Time Money.

Len Penzo presents Nobody’s Perfect: My 10 Dumbest Money Mistakes (Part 1) posted at Len Penzo . Com, saying, “Do as I say, not as I, uh, did…”

Livingalmostlarge presents Do you tip for takeout? posted at LivingAlmostLarge.



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