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As promised this week we are giving away a copy of “Tax-Free Savings Accounts by Gordon Pape, here are details:

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Blogroll Update

Over the last couple of months I have come across many new great personal finance blogs, and I have started to follow couple of them on regular bases and participate actively through comments. Although I on any given day I read several blogs and have subscribed to most of them here are a few that have a similar focus to Financial Highway and I believe our readers will find interesting. These blogs are now added to My Blogroll:

Four Pillars: The great thing about this blog is that it covers both, Canada and US topics. Four Pillars has two authors, Mike and “Mr. Cheap”. Mike resides in Toronto (as do I) and covers many topics relevant to Canadians, Mr. Cheap is lives in the US and covers the US section of the blog. Topics are not always specific to US or Canada often they are broad discussions that apply to both.

The Oblivious Investor: This is one of the newer blogs I have come across and been following fairly regularly. The author and I seem to have many things in common so naturally I find the topics interesting and worthwhile reading. The main focus of The Oblivious Investor is investing he covers the whole spectrum, if investing is your interest than this is a great place. Although based in the US, most discussions are universal and apply to Canadians as well.

My Life ROI: The interesting thing I found out about MLR just recently is we almost started blogging on the EXACT SAME DAY! MLR started on Feburary 17 where Financial Highway started on Feburary 18th! But this is not why MLR is going on my Blogroll. MLR covers a wide range of Personal Finance topics, you will not find a lot of investing topics here but the main focus is providing readers with tips on how to do things.

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.

Weekly Blog Reviews

The Oblivious Investor is asking how to be a successful investor

MSN SmartSpending on ATM in south Africa dispensing pepper spray

Free Money Finance discusses the cost of a new home

Canadian Capitalist points out how to allocate each asset class between RRSP, TFSA and Non-Registered accounts.

Million Dollar Journey features a guest post on Financial Regrets; balancing money and family

The Weakonomist share some lessons we can learn from Tour de France

Rob Carrick @ Globe & Mail says that the market lows are a good time to stock up according to analysts.

Bryan Borzykowski @ Canadian Business visits the ongoing debate Is it better to rent than own?

Bible Money Matters shares ten ways to improve your financial intimacy in marriage.

Jim @ Bargaineering gives seven reasons why renting vacation home is better than renting hotels.


Man vs. Debt hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance

Wisebread hosted Carnival of Pecuniary Delights

My Life ROI hosted Best of Money Carnival

The Happy Rock hosted Carnival of Top Personal Finance Post

Money Beagle hosted Money Hacks Carnival

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  1. says

    Thanks for the link, and thanks for adding me to the blogroll. :)

    …which reminds me that it’s probably time to do an update on my own.

  2. says

    That Weakonomist guy always has good stuff. I’m sure he’s thankful for the link love today.

  3. Patricia says

    Thanks for providing the information on new personal finance blogs available to read.

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