Frugality During Tax Return Season, and Why it Matters

As the winter begins to fade, tax season starts to heat up. Many of us will receive money back from both the federal and state government this spring. Although you don’t have a lot of direct control over how much you’ll get back, you do have options in the way you’ll be spending your tax refund. Below you’ll find several frugal ideas for spending a tax return that so that you have a good time and still have some of the return left in your bank account.

1. Go to a live play.

A step up from going to a movie, a live play is an idea that will be more of a memory than the most recent blockbuster. Take a look around the city or town you live in and look for a live performance. Plays offer a unique and relaxing experience that won’t be too detrimental to a budget. Plays make the list because as enjoyable as they are, not enough people frequent them.

2. Get a massage.

A massage can be the best $50 or so that you will spend. Consider indulging and heading to the nearest salon. After all the work you did last year, your refund should easily cover an hour of pure bliss and tranquility. A massage is great to relieve stress and tension after a long period of employment.

3. Take a cooking class.

Rather than going out for an expensive meal, consider learning from a talented chef. Not only will you eat some good food and learn something, you will most likely broaden your cooking skill. Creating meals at homes saves money, and this would be a creative way to reach that point while splurging with your return.

4. Adopt a pet.

Tax season is a perfect chance to adopt an animal. For one, it can help the animal. Secondly, the pet should cost nowhere near the total of your return. If you’ve been looking for a dog and haven’t had the opportunity to make a serious move, now might be a good time.

5. Quick fix the house.

If you have a tax return, a particularly large return with this option, consider an upgrade to your house. A minor renovation such as finishing the wood floor in the television room could be an option. Consider a change that you will appreciate each time you come home. After all the hard work you put in for the year, this represents one of the bigger options.

When handed a chunk of money, it’s hard to restrain from spending the bulk of it. With the majority of people who get tax returns needing to be frugal, this tax season is a good time to make a positive change regarding your financial future while enjoying yourself. There is nothing better than being able to indulge while being responsible financially.

Take your time, and reward yourself for the tough year with a little bit of caution. Not only will you still have a good time, but you will have some money remaining to stock the bank account.

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Alex Watson is a freelance writer who enjoys researching and writing about personal finance and does his best to take his own advice. When he’s not writing, he enjoys reading the classics and keeping his box turtle, Sparky, company. He currently writes for the respected cash for gold buyer GoldMax

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