Frugal Holiday Shopping Tips

How do you feel about the impending holiday season?  Do you look at your children’s wonderment and feel all warm and fuzzy inside or, instead, do you see the holiday excitement in their eyes and wish you could just switch places with them?  Unfortunately, for many adults, the truth about the holiday season is closer to the latter.  Santa doesn’t bring us gifts in the middle of the night.  We ARE Santa – and sometimes to an overwhelming number of people.  If you find that you begin worrying about the financial burden of the holiday season as soon as the new year begins, then these frugal holiday shopping tips should help:

Off-season Merchandise
Everything you need for holiday season – wrapping paper, decorations, cards and gifts – can be purchased at deeply discounted prices if you do your shopping right after the season ends.  Why?  Because retailers need to clear all of that stuff out to make room for the new season’s inventory, and are willing to virtually give stuff away in order to do that.  Make the holiday shopping rounds sometime after Christmas but before the holiday school vacation ends, and save as much as eighty percent on holiday merchandise for the upcoming year.

Year-round Shopping
No matter what time of year it is, you can shop for holiday gifts.  If you find a steal of a deal, then take advantage of it when you see it.  You could end up with a very short shopping list by the time the holiday season comes.

Gift Swap
If your family is as large as mine, then shopping for everyone can be overwhelming – and expensive.  Try putting all of the adult family members’ names in a hat and drawing one name each.  Set a spending limit (which can be rather high, considering you’re not buying for everyone).

Shopping List
Make a list before you go shopping, and do some research on the Internet to find the best deals.  You can save a lot of money by comparison shopping, and by buying only what’s on your list.

Homemade Gifts
Consider having the kids craft homemade ornaments, or bake and decorate some holiday treats.  Purchase inexpensive gift boxes or containers from a discount store like the Dollar Tree or the Dollar Store, and fill them with your homemade goods for special, and inexpensive, gifts.

Meaningful Gifts
Sometimes a framed picture, a heartfelt note, or a scrapbook page is a better gift than any – and also the least expensive.
As you can see, there are many ways to save your money (and your sanity) when it comes to shopping for the holidays.  Keep these tips in mind the next time you find yourself stressing over the holiday season.  Go sit by the kids, stare at the holiday lights, and eat a cookie instead.


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  1. I think exchanging gifts and making a list is a fantastic idea. Not sure about the homemade gifts especially if you have kids who like videos games and gadgets. We normally do the exchange of gifts. It allows us to buy something for the person that s/he won’t usually buy for him/herself.It also provides a sense of bonding with the group because you can also do a themed-exchanging gifts which could be fun for everyone.

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