Dollar Matters: U.S. Thanksgiving Edition

Because I’m American, and because there are quite a few U.S. readers of this blog, I thought it might be appropriate to do a Dollar Matters edition with U.S. Thanksgiving happening tomorrow. SO, even if you aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, take some to be grateful. A deep breath before the holiday season starts in earnest.

Bloggers for Charity

First, though, there are some Canadian bloggers participating in the Bloggers for Charity. This is definitely worth mentioning here, especially as the holiday season moves into high gear. Check out Boomer & Echo, Canadian Finance Blog and Retire Happy Blog for more on Bloggers for Charity.

Are You Going to Take Time Out this Thanksgiving?

Over at Personal Dividends, I write about how important I find Thanksgiving. Are you going to take a few minutes to recognize a day of thanks?

Health Alternatives to Thanksgiving Dinner

Frugal Zeitgeist offers a look at healthy options when it comes to Thanksgiving. It doesn’t have to be all high fat and high carb when it comes to Turkey Day.

Thanksgiving: Frugal and Fun

Enemy of debt takes a look at some of the fun and frugal things you can do on Thanksgiving. It’s all about quality time and family.

3 Frugal Thanksgiving Tips

Frugal Granola offers some interesting tips for making the most of your Thanksgiving. Some of them are a little surprising, but they sure make you think.

20 Things I’m Thankful for Thanksgiving

Out of Your Rut enumerates all of his blessings, and describes what he is thankful for this year.

5 Ways to Give More and Be Extra Thankful This Thanksgiving

Miss Money Bee shares way that you can give to others — and be more thankful in the bargain.

The Cost of Thanksgiving

Money Reasons takes a look at Thanksgiving, and how much it costs. There are more costs than you might think when it comes to the holidays.

What Are You Thankful for this Thanksgiving?

One Money Design shares a heartfelt story about Thanksgiving and blessings. What are you thankful for?

Other Money Posts

Here are a few other financial posts from around the Web:


Canadian Finance Carnival Hosted by Canadian Finance Blog

Totally Money Carnival Hosted by Retire By 40


Image source: Ms. Jones via Wikimedia Commons

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