Dollar Matters: U.S. Taxes

The big news in the U.S. is that the White House has reached a deal with Republicans in Congress to extend Bush era tax cuts. So, while it’s not exactly a Canadian topic, it’s still interesting — and it affects plenty of our American readers. So, here are some posts on the extension, as well as some other tidbits dealing with taxes in the U.S.:

The Morning After: The Tax Deal Hangover

Taxgirl offers a look at what, exactly, the extension of the Bush tax cuts will mean for the economy.

Deal Reached Between President Obama And GOP On Extension of Bush Tax Cuts

Bible Money Matters considers the politics and money involved with the extension of the Bush era tax cuts.

What the Tax Deal Means for You

Bucks at The New York Times offers a look at the new tax deal, and how it will affect Americans.

What the Tax Cut Extension Means for You

Redeeming Riches offers a summary of the tax cut extension — and how it will affect those in the U.S.

Why You Should Seek Year-End Tax Planning Services

PT Money offers a look at the advantages of tax planning services. This could apply in Canada, too. :)

It’s Not Too Late to Claim Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tax Credits

Free From Broke offers a look at the green home improvement tax credits that will be available until the end of the year.

Got a Rental Property? Tax Breaks You Should Be Aware Of

I wrote this post over at Lending Tree about a few of the tax breaks that come with rental properties.

Other Financial Posts

Read a few more helpful and interesting posts from around the Interwebs:

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