Dollar Matters: Retirement! Edition

Many of us have retirement goals. We know that we are headed there, and we are interested in saving up so that when we stop having to work for our money, it is ready to work for us. (Or, rather, that it has been working for us for a few decades so we can retire.) Whether you plan to fully retire, or just semi-retire, here are some great recent posts on retirement:

The End of the 4% Rule?

Philip at Widebread tackles the long-standing 4% rule of thumb related to withdrawing money from your retirement account. No more just following the rules — you’ll have to start paying more attention.

Don’t Rely on Social Security

Trent at The Simple Dollar is fairly blunt about what you can rely on for your retirement. And basing your retirement success on Social Security is not the way to go.

Pensionize Your Nest Egg Book Review — Milevsky and Macqueen

Mike at Money Smarts reviews this great book, Pensionize Your Nest Egg. The idea is to set up your retirement fund so that it creates a regular income stream that can provide you with money for the rest of your life.

Eight Steps to Early Semi-Retirement

If you are interested in an early semi-retirement, this post from Free Money Finance can provide you a step by step overview of how to achieve your goal, using advice from the book Work Less, Live More: The Way to Semi-Retirement.

Planning Your Retirement Spending

Mike at Oblivious Investor goes over some different approaches to retirement spending. Remember: Getting there is just the beginning.

6 Warning Signs You Are on the Wrong Career Path

Before you get to retirement, you have to work. Over at Redeeming Riches, you can read about the signs that you might be on the wrong career path.

Other Financial Posts

Keep more of your money for retirement by following some of the principles laid out in these other fine finance articles from around the web:

Image source: Pacian via Wikimedia Commons

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