Dollar Matters: Money Mistakes

We all make money mistakes. Some are big, and some are small. Here are some examples of money mistakes to avoid — and how you can fix the mistakes you do make:

4 Risky Money Mistakes to Avoid

Over at the Quizzle Blog, Benjamin shares some of the riskiest money mistakes you can make — and discusses how to avoid them.

5 Property Investment Mistakes

Whitney at Real Estate Pro Articles points out that there are some property investment mistakes that you can make that might impact your success. Watch out for these 5 missteps.

Stay The Course With Your Investments

Don’t make the mistake of panicking and throwing out your investment plan. Instead, follow Boomer’s advice and stick with your investments. But, don’t be afraid to sell if you have to. Just make sure you really have to sell, first.

Most Stock Investors Are Gambling with Their Retirement Money

Before you make another retirement mistake, consider Rob Bennett’s lastest post at Out OF Your Rut. Make sure you aren’t gambling in the stock market with your retirement money.

Review: Debt Plans Summary Calculator

Have you made money mistakes and ended up in debt as a result? If so, you can make a plan to move on with the help of the Debt Plans Summary Calculator. I review this tool offered by the Get Out of Debt Guy.

Learning Contentment Before Achieving Self-Employment

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your day job too early. John at Bible Money Matters offers some insight into the steps you should take before you decide to become self-employed. And, don’t make the mistake of thinking that something else will be better. Be content with your current position first.

5 Reasons You Should Never Buy a Video Game at Launch

Before you spend your hard earned cash on the latest video game release, think twice. Alan at Canadian Finance Blog takes a look at why it’s probably a mistake to buy a video game at launch.

Other Financial Posts

Take a gander around the PF blogosphere at these other great posts:


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  1. Rob Bennett says

    Thanks for your kind inclusion of the “Most Investors Are Gambling With Their Retirement Money” article, Miranda.


  2. says

    I think for as long as you monitor the activities of your transactions, you won’t be committing a lot of money mistake and as long as you know which plan works for you, you’ll be safe.

  3. says

    Money mistakes sometimes can not be avoided but can be avoided if using this tips

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