Dollar Matters: Improve Your Career Prospects

There are rumors that the employment situation might be ready to pick up. That means that it might be a good time to dust off the resume and look for a new job. Or, you might want to improve your career in a direction that means becoming self-employed. Whatever you want your career to look like, here are some solid posts from around the Internet about improving your career prospects:

Top 20 Signs You Might Need a Professional Resume Writer

This funny post from ResumeBlog offers a humorous look at some of the signs that your resume might not be up to snuff. If you are concerned, you can go through a resume service that can help you improve the way you look on paper.

How to Avoid Getting Hired

Andrea at Wise Bread gives some great advice on not getting hired. Even with supposed improvements in the employment situation, the job market is still a tough place to be. Don’t make these mistakes.

Who Are You Connecting With?

Sometimes it really is about who you know. MD at Studenomics writes about the importance of making connections and building a network. If you have an “in”, it can be just what you need to advance your career.

6 Common Work Habits that Sabotage Your Productivity

Whether you work at home or in an office for “the man”, productivity is important. Tucker at Stepcase Lifehack offers some of the work habits that could be damaging your productivity — and your career.

5 Legitimate Work-From-Home Options

Michael, at, offers some solid advice on Consumerism Commentary. He looks at 5 work from home jobs that are actually legitimate. If you want your career to take a more independent approach, this could help you.

5 Ideas for Choosing Your Home Office Equipment Setup

Now that you have a legitimate work from home idea, you can read a post about setting up your home office from Jason at Freelance Switch. Great, solid ideas for creating a workspace you can use.

The Secrets To Being Successful With Any Business You Launch

Steve at My Wife Quit has some insight into what it takes to launch a successful business. He shares a few secrets that can help you get the ball rolling.

Other Financial Posts

Read up on a few more posts from around the PF blogosphere about making better money decisions:

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  1. says

    Thanks for putting together this cool roundup Miranda. I’m honored that you mentioned my article in here on connecting. I find that my generation has come to underestimate the value of building a network. I try to reach out to friends and acquaintances as often as possible to help out. Then I have friends that only call when they need something. I just received an email from a casual friend at best asking me for help getting a job. Really?

  2. says

    @MD I think networking has become more casual to the younger generation (email, texting, FB, Twitter)…it’s also very passive and therefore less chance of being rejected. I’ve had young sales staff who won’t even pick up the phone to call a client (let alone go out and meet them), but they will use email thinking it’s less invasive.

    Thanks for the mention Miranda!

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