Dollar Matters: FINCON11 Recovery Edition

This past weekend I headed to Chicago for the Financial Blogger Conference. It was, hands down, the best conference I have ever been to. I go to Blogworld regularly, but this was much better. Mainly because I felt like I was already friends with everyone. The PF community is awesome, and I’m already geared up for FINCON12. Big, big thanks to Phil at PT Money for organizing the conference and making all this happen.

Of course, I’m still recovering from staying up until 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., even days later. But it was totally worth it. And, for those who missed out on coming, you can read about it. While it’s impossible to list everyone that was there, here are some conference recaps and roundups from some of the folks I hung out in Chi-town. Hope to see you at the conference next year!

Financial Blogger Conference 2011 — Meeting the PF Blogger World and More

Free From Broke shares his conference experience, including stalking J.D. Roth. (Actually, I think stalking J.D. Roth was one of the most common pastimes at the conference.) I great recap of the conference.

A Meeting of Minds: Financial Blogger Conference 2011

I can’t mention J.D. Roth without including his conference recap! He gives a great overview of his fantastic conference-opening speech.

How to Handle Meeting Hundreds of Colleagues

Flexo was one of the last people to call it a night (um, morning) the last day of the conference. You can read about all the awesome people he met while there, and find out more about what went on.

Financial Blogger Conference 2011: Meeting Up With The Personal Finance Blogosphere

Bible Money Matters shares his day-by-day conference experience — including his drive. A great recap of the whole conference, and who was there.

A Gathering of Financial Minds — FinCon11 a Smashing Success

From the smoothly running conference, to the great blogger service project, to hanging out with financial bloggers from around the country (and the world!), Cash Money Life shares his highlights from the conference.

What I learned about personal finance bloggers from FINCON11

Mighty Bargain Hunter learned all about fellow PF bloggers at FINCON11. Read about his insights and impressions.

The Financial Bloggers Conference (#FINCON11) Saved this Blog

The Jenny Pincher shares her inspirational story of how FINCON11 helped put her back on track to keep up with her blog. A great story.

Lessons Learned from the Financial Blogger Conference

PF Firewall takes a look at the valuable lessons learned from the financial blogger conference.

Other Posts from Conference Attendees

Here are a few offerings from some of the folks I hung around with at the conference:

If I missed your conference recap, be sure to include it in the comments so we can all read it!
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