Dollar Matters: Family Finance Edition

We’re very excited at Financial Highway to start introducing a new feature for Mondays and Wednesdays. We’re calling it Dollar Matters. Hopefully, it will provide you with some helpful information, all from recent blog posts from personal finance writers.

For this edition, we are looking at matters related to your family finances. With the kids heading back to school, it seems only natural to turn our thoughts to what is happening when it comes to your family’s money situation:

How to Support a Family on a Single Income

John at Moolanomy looks at how you can support a family on a single income. With interest in moving toward simplicity, and trying to have one parent stay home, this look at strategies for single income families is timely and helpful.

How To Get A Spouse To Start Budgeting

Craig at Bible Money Matters considers how you can convince your spouse that budgeting is a good idea. Being on the same page with money matters is an important part of putting together a marriage that is financial strong.

Downsizing With Kids

Sonja at Wise Bread offers a look at how you can downsize your lifestyle when you have kids. The recession has prompted a move toward simplicity and smaller living. But you need to get your kids in on the action as well.

Do Your Kids Have Too Many Toys?

Frugal Dad addresses a similar issue, and asks you whether or not it is time to limit the toys your kids have. But you can’t just stop at limiting your kids’ toys, he insists. Make sure that Mom and Dad are setting a good example by downsizing as well.

How to Budget for a Special-Needs Child

Does your child have special needs? Go Banking Rates offers a helpful guide that can help you create a budget to cover more immediate expenses, as well as make a plan for the future — ensuring that your special child is always cared for.

It’s a Habit with Sammy Rabbit Review — Teaching Kids About Money Done Right

Jesse at PF Firewall provides a helpful review of a fun program designed to teach children about money. Go through the program with your kids, and watch as they learn how to make better money decisions.

Other Financial Posts

On top of the above finances posts, here are a few more from around the Web, dealing with important financial issues that may affect your family in the future:

Image source: A Debt Free Life

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