Dollar Matters: Carnival of Personal Finance #288

Today, Financial Highway’s Dollar Matters is pleased to host the 288th Carnival of Personal Finance. As we approach Christmas, and the end of the year, it’s a good time to reflect on your finances, and what you can do to improve them. These posts from around the personal finance blogosphere can help you get ahead in your finances. Enjoy your holidays, and enjoy these posts:

Editor’s Picks

Most of these are about looking toward the future. You should be prepared for what’s coming, good or bad.

  • Christian Personal Finance offers an awesome Financial Checklist for 2011 that can help you get your money organized for the coming year.
  • Budgets Are Sexy shares his most recent career move in I Got Fired. Are you prepared for something like that?
  • Soldier of Finance encourages you: Don’t Let the Blue Falcon Get You Down. Watch the video and/or read the accompanying transcript. You’ll get a little pep talk and learn new Army vocabulary.
  • Green Panda Treehouse describes How To Not Lose Your Pants On Your First Mortgage. I especially like the recommendation that you shouldn’t treat it as your best investment. Good recommendations even for those who are beyond the first mortgage.
  • Modern Gal asks Are You Prepared for Inflation? A look at this financial risk that many people are unprepared for.
  • Rabbit Funds writes, Dear Santa, I want a fully funded 401k please. This is a great reminder that now is a good time to get a tax deduction for retirement plan contributions, as well as planning for the future.








Money Management

Real Estate





Thanks for tuning in! Next week the Carnival of Personal Finance will be hosted at Blonde & Balanced. Get your submissions in using the handy form.

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  1. says

    Great selections Miranda, thanks for including my article on asset allocation and investing.

  2. says

    Great carnival, Miranda. Thanks for hosting this week.

    And thank you for including my post on Understanding Monte Carlo Simulation. However, I would like to add that it isn’t intended for “technical traders”. It’s actually a series designed to provide a rational argument why trading and focusing solely on investments can be hazardous to your wealth – yet, this is exactly what most financial advsiors and Wall Street do every day.

    Thanks again.

  3. says

    Many thanks for the editor’s pick and for sorting through so many posts! Happy Holidays.

  4. says

    Thanks for the holiday reading. Hope you and the rest of Financial Highway have a great end to 2010 and a great start to 2011!

  5. says

    Thanks for hosting the carnival and including our post. Best wishes ahead :).
    FIRE Finance

  6. says

    Wow, what a list of articles! We could start now and read all through Christmas :)

    Thanks for including my post..

  7. says

    Thanks for hosting Miranda! Your Editor’s Picks are great! Happy Holidays, Kim


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