Carnival of Personal Finance 221- Labour Day Edition

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This week in the Carnival of Personal Finance I received great amount of fantastic articles and enjoyed reading them, I hope you will enjoy them just as much!

Let the Festival begin!

Editor Picks

Bob from Christian Finances presents 6 unusual uses for common household items, there are some really cool ideas. I’d be careful with tip #2 “Use a candle to release a stuck zipper” I just hope you’ll do it without the pants on!

Matt Jabs from Debt Free Adventure presents Spending Filters – How I Save Money On Just About Everything, and says, ” A spending filter is a concept or idea that can be employed in various ways to help save you money in almost any spending circumstance. For me, any decision that involves spending money is run through at least one of these filters – usually several. You can employ different filters for different situations at different times. What you are purchasing is not nearly as important as how you are purchasing it.” I think we all use “spending filters” in some way or an other without knowing it, if you are not using spending filters after reading Matt’s article you will.

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog from The Canadian Finance Blog presents Where To Find Other Sources Of Income. There are two ways you can improve your cashflow: 1. Cut costs, 2. Increase income. Cutting cost has its limits, but if you can increase your income there are no limits, Tom’s post can help you find other sources to increase your income.

Here are other great articles!


Jason Unger from Automatic Finances presents Can Your House Be an Investment and a Home?.

Todd Metheny from The Personal Finance Playbook presents Reverse Mortgages.

Sean from Growing Money presents Rental Property Update August 2009.


Alexg from Value Investing Pro presents Bruce Greenwald On Value Investing.

Natalie MacLellan from Before You Invest presents What is a Ponzi Scheme?, and says, “Ponzis have made headlines with Madoff and Earl Jones (in Canada) and seem to keep turning up every day. This article attempts to explain what they are and why they work.”

Clint from Accumulating Money presents 403b Plans, and says, “Thanks”

Dividend Growth Investor from Dividend Growth Investor presents Financial Stocks for Dividend Investors.

D4L from Dividends Value presents Never Fall In Love With A Stock, and says, “Over time we tend grow fond of people we have a relationship with. Sometimes we grow to love them like a brother or sister; sometimes even more. In much the same way we can easily grow to love certain stocks, but this is not necessarily a good thing.”

Alexg from All Things Jim Rogers presents Jim Rogers The Banking Conversation .

Matt SF from Steadfast Finances presents My Plan to Beat the Lending Club, Peer-to-Peer Investing Average.

Jim from Bargaineering presents Roth IRA Account Explained.

MoneyEnergy from MoneyEnergy presents With Gold Nearing $1000/oz, Is It A Good Time To Buy Gold?.

Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents presents 401k In-service Distribution: 401k Rollover While You’re still Working., and says, “If your 401k has you down at work, the in-service distribution might be exactly what you are looking for. ”

Joe Plemon from Personal Finance By The Book presents Rising National Debt Makes Roth IRA a Good Choice, and says, “I am huge fan of the Roth IRA, but as the national debt increases with federal bailouts and stimulus packages, the Roth IRA is looking better all of the time.”

Matt B from Financial Methods presents 8 Things to look for in Your 401k.

Helen from Affine Financial Services presents The Gold Star Portfolio, and says, “Here’s how to assemble a solid portfolio of mutual funds, based upon Morningstar’s star ratings.”

Investing Toolkit from Investing Toolkit presents How The SIPC Protects Investors From Broker Bankruptcy, and says, “Explaining SIPC.”


Sivan Segev from Thrifty Trend presents The Mortgage Refinance Deadend, and says, “Sure refinancing would be great, can I? And if I can’t what then?”

Tony from Bad Credit Advisor presents How to dispute credit card charge.

Banker Saver from Banker, Saver presents Home Equity Loan Basics: Should You Borrow Against Your House?, and says, “looking into home equity loans?”


Bob Vineyard, CLU from InsureBlog presents Is Your Health Insurance Making You Sick?, and says, “Summary: InsureBlog’s Bob Vineyard has some helpful tips on why your health insurance may be making you sick financially, and some suggestions for fixing that.”

mfd from My Findependence Day presents Hey! Give That Extended Warranty A Second Thought, and says, “This article brings to light that you shouldn’t blindly turn down that extended warranty. Make sure you consider everything before you make you decision.”

Tyler Metzger from Taking Charge presents What part of ‘do not call’ don’t you understand?.


FMF from Free Money Finance presents Matching College Costs and Salaries, and says, “A key part of not leaving college with too much debt is matching what you borrow with your expected post-graduation earnings.”

Revanche from A Gai Shan Life presents 10, no, 11 Worst Things to Say to Someone Who Just Got Laid Off .


Chance from Personal Finance Software Reviews presents A Big Update to the Review!, and says, “This is a review of the much improved features in the latest release. These new features make it quite a bit more appealing than previously.”

Jim from Free By 50 presents Angie’s List : My First Impressions, and says, “After finally deciding to sign up for Angie’s List, I give my impression in this short review.”

The Smarter Wallet from The Smarter Wallet presents Lending Club Review: Lending Money For Profit.


Darwin from Darwin’s Finance presents Corporate Pension Plan Shortfall – The Next Crisis?, and says, “This article outlines the next crisis to hit US corporations, stock prices, and ultimately the American Taxpayer – the Pension Crisis”

ElizabethG (Modern Gal) from Modern Gal presents Coping with a Jobless Recovery.

Money Management:

J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy presents Would You Rather…Have extra MONEY or extra TIME?, and says, “The ol’ “money vs. time” dilemma: “Would You Rather…Have an extra $100 of income every week (un-taxed), OR an extra hour every day (giving you 25 hours instead of 24)?””

FFB from Free From Broke presents 9 Things Stress Can Prevent You From Accomplishing, and says, “Stress prevents you from accomplishing many things one of which is managing a budget!”

Paul Williams from Provident Planning presents You Need an Emergency Fund, and says, “You need an emergency fund. Don’t let excuses keep you from starting today.”

Craig Ford from Money Help For Christians presents How to Hedge Your Gasoline Prices, and says, “This article suggests a system for helping you deal with price increases and decreases at the pump.”

The Financial Blogger from The Financial Blogger presents 5 Tricks to Get The Power of an Effective Schedule, and says, “There are two ways of completing 10 hours of work in one day: #1 Start working like an animal right away and stop only once it’s all done. #2 Take 30 minutes to plan and prioritize your actions in order to finish everything in 7 hours, with breaks included.”

Mike from Gathe Little By Little presents You have an income crisis, not a spending problem, and says, “At some point you can only reduce expenses so far. Once there you are faced with only one option: increasing your income. Surprisingly, that may not be as hard as you think.”

Madison from My Dollar Plan presents How to Save for Multiple Goals.

Curt from presents The Biggest Mistake of Personal Finance Bloggers is to Focus on the Small Stuff.


Michael B. Rubin from Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck presents Where do you get value?, and says, “After a recent family trip to an amusement park cost a lot less than he’d expected, Michael shares his valuable experience.”

Bob from Christian Finances presents 6 unusual uses for common household items, and says, “These are 6 unusual ways to use common things you might find laying around your house… ”

PT from PT Money presents Peek Inside the Google Machine: What We Buy and Sell, and says, “Thanks!”

Miss thrifty from Miss Thrifty presents Our Thrifty Wedding Anniversary: Harrogate Turkish Baths.


Miranda from Yielding Wealth presents Your Career as an Investment Asset.


DR from Doughroller presents How to Stop Printer Ink Cartridges from Smearing Your Budget, and says, “At $22 per quarter-ounce, the cost of printer ink cartridges reminds us of why we got that inkjet printer for “free” when we bought our last computer.”

Single Guy Money from Single Guy Money presents Cash is King.


Jason @ One Money Design from One Money Design presents The Cone of Uncertainty and How it Impacts Your Personal Spending Plan, and says, “Your personal spending plan can be viewed as a project geared towards reaching your financial goals. It requires careful estimating. If you can understand the cone of uncertainty, you can become more accurate in estimating expenses and managing your plan.”


FIRE Finance from FIRE Finance presents Credit Cards In Ireland and Associated Stamp Duties.

Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents Repair Bad Credit, Avoid The Scams, and says, “Thanks!”


negativenetworth from My Negative Net Worth presents The Worst and The Best Financial Decision(s) I Ever Made.

Adam from Rabbit Funds presents Insurance Series: Home Owner’s and Renter’s Insurance, and says, “The purpose of this post is to outline various issues surrounding renter’s and home owner’s insurance and what level is appropriate. Also, I explain what a CLUE Report is, how to obtain one, and why you should.”

Studenomist from Studenomics presents Internet Get Rich Quick Idea Goog Cash4u Analyzed , and says, “A look at the newest scam in terms of making millions online!”

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