Carnival of Debt Reduction- Comedy Edition

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This week is the Comedy Edition of Carnival of Debt Reduction! I thought I’ll lighten up the mood a little and include some money jokes in this edition, hope you enjoy them!

Editor’s Pick

Bargaineering presents called The Cost of Filing for Bankruptcy.

The Digerati Life presents Where To Get Free Stuff Online: 9 Sites For Freebies, Product Samples, Coupons.

The Smarter Wallet presents Managing Debt Wisely: Should You Give Up Credit Cards?.

Christian Debt Help presents How to pay bills with a

Nash Dadameah presents Powerful methods to get YOU out of YOUR credit card debts.

A couple of friends meet after a long time:
“I divorced my wife.” One says.
“Really? How did you do it?”
“We hired a lawyer who helped divide the assets and stuff.”
“What about the kids?”
“Well,…we’ve decided that whoever got more money would also take the kids.”
“That sounds fair. And who got them?
“The lawyer.”

The Rest presents Cut Your Tax Refund and Have Money For Bills.

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents Who is Dave Ramsey?.

DR presents Dave Ramsey Unleashed: How to Apply Ramsey’s ‘Baby Steps’ to Grown Up Finances.

Matthew Paulson presents Should You Consolidate Your Student Loans.

debt kid presents What Puking After a Workout Taught Me About Finance.

Ben presents Financial Confession: I don’t Budget.cut-expenses

MoneyNing presents TradeKing Review.

J. Money presents Slumdog Millionaire Child Star Almost Sold for $300k!.

Debt Free Destiny presents Steps to Repair Your Credit Yourself.

FMF presents I’m Changing My Main Credit Card.

“Mr. Smith, I have reviewed this case very carefully,” the divorce court judge said, “and I’ve decided to give your wife $275 a week.”

“That’s very nice, your honor,” the husband said. “And every now and then I’ll try to send her a few bucks, myself.”

Deposit Accounts presents Benefits of Using Direct Deposit.

nickel presents Is a Scam?.

Patrick @ Military Money presents Avoid Government Grant Scams.

Mark Aucamp presents How often should you remortgage?.

David presents 9 Tweeters Every Credit Card Hound Should Follow.

Raj Patel presents Undergrads and Debt.

Will Rogers, having paid too much income tax one year, tried in vain to claim a rebate. His numerous letters and queries remained unanswered. Eventually the form for the next year’s return arrived. In the section marked “DEDUCTIONS,” Rogers listed: “Bad debt, US Government — $40,000. “

Investing School presents ShareBuilder Review – Stock Broker for Automatic Investing.

kathryn presents Even More Easy Savings around the House.

Madison presents Making Home Affordable Q & A.

The Canadian Finance Blog presents Check Your Credit Reports.

Kevin Fleming presents Best Cash Back Credit Cards.

Bank Savings Review presents Bank Stress Test Results.

Mr Credit Card presents My Mom Used My Credit Card And Racked Up $8000 In Debt. What Should I Do?.

MatthewPaulson presents Grow Your Investments: Know the Rule of 72.debt-and-taxes

Debt Freedom Fighter presents Want to Get the Best Car Insurance Rates?.

Jim DeSantis presents Divorce: What To Do About Medical, Life, Homeowners, and Auto Insurance!.

Fred presents Best Bank CD Rates.

Michael Haltman presents Man, Is This A Real Bull Market?.

Jacques Groenewald presents Microsoft money machine.

Wealthpilgrim presents You May Retire Sooner Than You Think.

My Life ROI presents Types of Dental Insurance Plans Explained.

apply4-credit presents Searching For High Interest Rates.

“Money is not everything.” But there is VISA & Mastercard.

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    Thanks for the honor of including my post and Thanks for hosting.

    “Money isn’t everything but it’s way ahead of what’s in 2nd place!” lol

    Jim DeSantis

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    Hi Ray!

    Thanks for including my article in your post! It would be great if I can do a “guest” post to your blog. What type of topic would u like?


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