Best of Money Carnival 19

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This week in the Best of Money Carnival I received great amount of fantastic articles and enjoyed reading them, I hope you will enjoy them just as much!

Let the Festival begin!

10. I know way too many people who have already spent a raise they are hoping on getting in the next few months, this can only lead to future financial issues. Avoid falling into the trap of spending your raise on things that won’t benefit you in the long run by following these 7 Great Ways to Save A Raise provided by Hawk.

9. Financial scams have become very common in the recent years, every year there is at least a new scam technique employed by fraudsters to scam investors out of their hard earned money Natalie MacLellan sheds some light on a new scam called Recovery Room Schemes who mainly pray on already hurt investors.

8. Are you still wondering what women want? The Financial Blogger seem to have figured out that Women Want More.

7. I have always emphasized that money management is more of psychological than a mathematical issue, having a psychology background that should not come as a surprise, Peter at Bible Money Matters Managing Your Money Is An Exercise In Both Mathematics And Psychology,

6. J.D. @ GRS shares a similar opinion on money and psychology saying Money is More About Mind Than It Is About Math.

5. A few weeks ago I was encouraging a friend of mine to start giving back to the community, but apparently he found it hard to find ways to give back. If you find yourself in a similar position look no further than Craig Ford’s 101 Ways To Give: Time, Money, Energy, and Talents.

4. Investing does not have to be complicated or confusing, just find a good role model and learn from them. Not sure who some of these great money managers are? Retirement Savior shares 5 Investment Managers You Should Learn From.

3. “I don’t know where to invest so I’ll hold on saving till I learn about investing” probably one of the biggest financial mistakes people make is not saving early enough. For some reason people always have reasons to delay saving Studenomist says Save Money Now & Don’t Be A Financial Loser. Nobody likes to be a loser, do you?

2. Somehow I missed this article earlier this week till I received the carnival submission, Paul @ FiscalGeek had one of the best articles I read this week. I don’t want to spoil the fun so head over to FiscalGeek and read Why My Kids will Drive a Piece of Crap you may not agree with him, but will definitely have an opinion to share (by the way my kids will too drive a piece of crap!)

1. This week the winner is…….Darwin @ Darwin’s Finance. I think Physics 101 should be a mandatory class for those on Wall Street, or at the minimum this article by Darwin should be a MUST read for them. Darwin’s How Stupidity on Wall Street Violated the Most Basic Laws of Physics is the winner of this weeks Best of Money Carnival!

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    Thanks for linking to my 7 Ways to Save A Raise article. I hope your readers like it and take action to save this year’s raise.

  2. says

    Hi Ray. Thanks for including my article. :)

    I loved that Darwin’s Finance piece as well. I only recently found his blog, but I’ve really been enjoying it so far.

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    Thanks for choosing my article as one of the top 10. I appreciate it!

  4. says

    Thanks for including me Ray! A few outside the box articles in the roundup that are a definite must read.

  5. says

    Wow Ray thanks and #2 to boot! Frankly I’ve enjoyed the comments even more than writing that particular post.

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    Great list – I had not heard of Darwin’s Finance before and I just subscribed to their feed. Thanks!


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