Seven Simple Solutions for the Lazy Gourmet

Love to cook? Looking to take your gourmet kitchen to the next level affordably? Here are six simple solutions for lazy gourmet cooks. Deglazing Don’t feel like scrubbing the sauté pan after cooking those chicken breasts? Take advantage of the flavor opportunity by adding some butter, lemon juice or white wine and a tad of corn starch and water […]

Money-Saving Barbecue Menu Ideas

It’s summer. And since we all have to eat anyway, why not incorporate it into our entertainment agenda and have some folks over for a barbecue? Following are several ideas to pull off a successfully hosted event without busting your budget. Combo Kabobs These really are a fun and visually dramatic way to stretch your […]

Teamwork Tips From the Television Series “Bones”


Whether you watch it for the intrigue or ongoing relationship drama, one thing about “Bones” is clear — the characters function extremely well as a team. Like any group who solves tough problems together, they’ve developed effective teamwork. They didn’t get there by accident. Having watched the show from the beginning, I’ve observed a thing […]