5 Tips to Save on Baby Clothes

Research shows that it takes around $200,000 to bring up an 18 year old from birth. When resources are limited and the necessities such as education, health, etc, cost a lot, you have to cut down on avoidable expenses. Smartly clothing your baby can help you cut costs significantly. Try following some of the tips below. [Also See: What It Really Costs to Raise a Child]

Size Smartly

Shorter clothes might look cute and even chic on little toddlers but they don’t last long. Try buying sizes that you think will last longer. Also prefer clothes with elastics at the waist instead of belts. Add buttons or hooks in a horizontal row to belts if possible. As your baby puts on weight, the consecutive buttons or hooks can be hooked.

Color with Care

Needless to mention, select colors for tops and bottoms in a way that maximizes the number of combinations you could create. This is especially relevant for those who go frequently for outings with friends and family. Go for basic colors such as red, blue, yellow and green more often than other uncommon colors which might not fare well with other uncommon colors.

Be Cautious about Quality

There are times when you forget all the lessons learned from purchasing cheap clothing earlier. And then you re-learn those lessons when a disaster happens after you put those cheap clothes in the washing machine. Also, always look carefully for instructions at the back that explain how that clothing may be washed and ironed.

Material Matters

Choose materials that are more stretchable. They would be able to take care of your baby’s growth spurts. Also, choose materials that can be worn more even when seasons change. For example, instead of buying very warm sleeping suits buy a relatively less warm collection of suits. As the coldest of days approach, slip in warmer vests. This way the suits will be able to be in use for a longer while.

Style Slyly

Certain styles such as frocks, dresses and skirts for girls and overalls for boys last longer. Prefer such smart styles that your baby can wear for a longer period. Buy socks without heels so that they can be used for a longer time. And remember you can alter clothes creatively too. When sleeping suits start becoming a bit tight, cut off the portion covering the feet. That should make it last a couple of months more because your baby grows more vertically than horizontally.

Mike has had 2 kids and had to deal with buying new clothes every two months. When he is not taking care of his kids, Mike sells online toys with a speciality for action figures

4 Responses to 5 Tips to Save on Baby Clothes

  1. You’d be surprised at the number of baby and toddler clothes of high quality and brand available at the GoodWill and garage sales that can be had very inexpensively.

    Your kids won’t know the difference and you’ll save a ton of cash. Shop this way smartly – look for any defects and enjoy the savings.

    I usually bought one size larger than my kids were in at the time. This helped a lot.


  2. There’s always seasonal clearance sales at our local Babies R Us and Target, with items marked down to a few dollars each. With the combination of coupons and gift cards or rewards, we’ve scored some pretty cheap finds. We also get hand-me-downs from friends and family with older children. There’s also a couple of maternity/baby resale shops near our home that I visit if I’m looking for something specific.

    Lastly, when family members ask about what kind of gifts to give, we always mention clothing that’s at least a size or two away from what our son is currently wearing. And, if we don’t give friends, family or charities our son’s old clothes, I sell nicer items at the baby resale shop and keep track of that money for his future clothing.

  3. Great list. Baby showers are awesome if you have a great support system in family and friends. Don’t forget garage sales, too. My wife has picked up great clothes for a cheap price. We aren’t really garage sale people, but I would say that we have found tons of clothes at them with the tags still one. Most new parents are inundated with so many baby clothes that their child outgrows them before they get a chance to wear them.

  4. Great list! Good point made by Lorena, however, I much prefer to look for good deals online these days as you don’t need to scavenge through the crowds or search like a maniac for the right size! All in all thanks for sharing.

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